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Castleville free energy updated and on going

January 24, 25 free castleville energy 
This are new energy January 24,25,26,27,28,28 and on going

If you are see this message ( Always claimed ). please refresh the page and look at the your inventories even if its says claimed or expire just wait refresh and make sure you dont have maximum 15 in your inventory 
 . Make sure you don’t have the maximum amount of the particular items in your inventory before clicking these links. If you get a message saying that All rewards have been claimed, there’s a possibility you still can get the item, check back your inventory in 10 minutes.
When you get a message that it's gone or you cant claim it, Don’t click again all these links or other Gold Brick  link from another website for 8 Hours. ( Avoid use apps like auto collections ).
Castleville players love to get free guide links and we hope everyone will get them eventually.

Recommended : Random click
Note : Don’t click the same link twice.
Face Limit Collection ? Don’t click again all these links or other Small Energy Potions from another website for 18 Hours. ( Avoid use apps like auto gift collections  )
Link Valid 20 Hours

January brand new go get them guys

3 Energy

Brand new energy 
  Small Energy Potion

For giving you gifts , we ask that you browse around our sites for a minutes or too, please 

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