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Castleville Game Free Energy

Castleville free energy, each castleville free energy link

contains 10 energy,

Castleville energy. If you like this share it

If some of them wont work go to the bottom ones. Refresh your game to see if you got the energy


Saturday, 24 December 2011

Castleville Game Duke CastleBerry Punch Quest

Castleville Game Duke CastleBerry Punch Quest

In castleville you will need to be level 8 to obtain these quests, most likely these quests be available to you all be New Year Eve.

You may have found this new Recipe in your Kitchen, here is the new quest line to go with it

castleville game castleberry punch quest

Quest Title: Packing a Punch ( CastleBerry Punch Quests 1 of 6 )
Have 3 Wood Plank so you can build a sturdy keg.
Have 2 Iron Bar to reinforce the keg.
Craft 1 Keg.

Quest Title: There’s Still Time ( CastleBerry Punch Quests 2 of 6 )
Collect 20 Wood Log to fuel the fire.
Collect 4 Copper Tubes to construct the apparatus.
Collect 4 Stone Block to build a sturdy base.

Quest Title: The Basic Mix ( CastleBerry Punch Quests 3 of 6 )
Harvest 25 Grapes to give the punch some flavor.
Collect 5 Pails of Water to add some body to the punch.
Get 5 Cloves from your friends to add some punch to the brew.

Quest Title: The Special Ingredients ( CastleBerry Punch Quests 4 of 6 )
Collect 15 Berries to add a kick to the punch.
Gather 6 Yummhee Yeast so we can begin brewing.
Collect 20 Honey from neigbors’ kingdoms to sweeten the concoction.

Quest Title: A Bunch of Punch ( CastleBerry Punch Quests 5 of 6 )
Earn 50 Reputation from Neighbor visits to ensure you get all the votes.
Tax a House in 5 unique kingdoms to let some peasants taste your brew.

Quest Title: Punch of the Year ( CastleBerry Punch Quests 6 of 6 )
Change your character’s apperance to get ready for the award ceremony.
Visit the Duke’s Kingdom to attend the award ceremony.
Drink 1 glass of your punch and enjoy the fruits of your labors.

Castleville Game Duke Outta Time Quests

Castleville game Duke Outta Time Quests

castleville game outta time quests
This quest has a time limit
Quest Title: The End Is Near? ( Outta Time Quest 1 of 5 )
Visit 6 Neighbors and tell them to REMAIN CALM!!!
Feed 10 Animals in your Kingdom- you'll need them stocky!
Have a Storage Cellar.
Reward: 300 coins, 3 xp
castleville game Storage Cellar

Quest Title: Save for the End of Time ( Outta Time Quest 2 of 5 )
Store 5 items in, you guessed it, your Storage Cellar.
Start the stockpile! Harvest 25 crops.
Fish 6 times to gather water.
Reward: 500 coins, 5 xp

Quest Title: Digging Deeper ( Outta Time Quest 3 of 5 )
Upgrade your Storage Cellar.
Craft 5 Wood Planks to use as shelves.
Banish 1 Beastie in a Neighbor's Kingdom to keep their cellar safe.
Reward: 1000 coins, 10xp, 1 medium energy

Quest Title: Restoration Preparation ( Outta Time Quest 4 of 5 )
Buy 2 Sheep.
Have 2 Animal Treats.
Reward: 100 coins, 10xp ( I think Zynga has lost its marbles )

Quest Title: More in Store ( Outta Time Quest 5 of 5 )
Upgrade your Storage Cellar to hold at least 75 items.
Have 5 Thick Books so the Duke can read about time.
Reward: 1500 coins, 20xp, 1 bottomless pit

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Castleville game Storage Cellar Quests

Castleville game Storage Cellar Quests

castleville game storage cellar

Quest Title: The End Is Near?
Visit 6 Neighbors and tell them to REMAIN CALM!!!
Feed 10 Animals in your Kingdom- you'll need them stocky!
Have a Storage Cellar.

Quest Title: Save for the End of Time
Store 5 items in, you guessed it, your Storage Cellar.
Start the stockpile! Harvest 25 crops.
Fish 6 times to gather water.

Quest Title: Digging Deeper
Upgrade your Storage Cellar.
Craft 5 Wood Planks to use as shelves.
Banish 1 Beastie in a Neighbor's Kingdom to keep their cellar safe.

Quest Title: Restoration Preparation
Buy 2 Sheep.
Have 2 Animal Treats.

Quest Title: More in Store
Upgrade your Storage Cellar to hold at least 75 items.
Have 5 Thick Books so the Duke can read about time.

castleville game winter vacation quest

 castleville game winter vacation quest

Quest Title: South for the Winter
Have 2 Fishing Bait for Kris Kringle's vacation.
Harvest 5 Wheat. It will make a nice straw hat.
Reward: 500 coins, 10xp

Quest Title: Worth a Shot
Modify the Gift-A-Pult.
Launch Kris Kringle from the Gift-A-Pult.
Reward: 750 coins, 15xp

Quest Title: Red Hat Down
Collect 10 Pails of Water to put out any fires.
Collect 4 Yulefest Cakes to revive Kris Kringle.
Buy 1 Snow Shovel to clean up the mess.
Reward: 500 coins, 10xp

Quest Title: Put a Spring in Your Step
Craft 5 Lazy Springs from the Gift Shoppe.
Repair the Gift-A-Pult.
Reward: 1000 coins, 20xp, Snow Princess

Quest Title: Reverse Engineering
Use 2 Super Clobbers.
Banish the Winter Gloom Goblins.
Reward: 750 coins, 15xp

Quest Title: Stay on Target
Collect 4 Lenses to Work on the new design.
Have 5 Chicken Meat to use for test launches.
Visit 5 Neighbors to see if the launches are on-target.
Reward: 500 coins, 10xp, candy cane banner

Quest Title: North Pole Diet
No more cookies! Harvest 15 Cabbage for salads.
Carrot sticks are a healthy snack. Harvest 10 Carrots.
Give Kris Kringle something heavy to lift. Craft 1 Anvil.
Reward: 750 coins, 15xp

Quest Title: Sticky Fingers
Banish the 3 Winter Gloom Thieves and take their Chocolate Bars!
Save his diet! Consume the Chocolate Bars before Kris Kringle can.
Reward: 750 coins, 15xp, toy train

Quest Title: More Power!
Upgrade the Gift-A-Pult.
Collect 20 Piles of Sand to test the Gift-A-Pult's strength.
Reward: 1000 coins, 20xp

Quest Title: Ready, Aim, See you Next Year!
Fire the Gift-A-Pult and send Kris Kringle on his way!
Kris Kringle left you a surprise. Click on the Gift-A-Pult to see it!
Reward: 1000 coins, 20xp, Rudolph the red nosed reindeer

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Castleville Game Sylphie quest guide

Castleville Game Sylphie The Flighty Fairy Guest Guide

The sylphie quests are available after you complete Dukes dungeon quests and you have to be level 19 and above.

Castleville Game Sylphie Quest Guides

When castleville Gloom receded, fairies returned to their nests in the forest.
As a gesture of goodwill, they did leave one Fairy behind in each Kingdom to serve as an castleville ambassador.
As a new ruler in your kingdom, you’ve just been appointed your own ambassador named Castleville Sylphie.

Castleville Game Duke Dungeon Quest

Castleville Game Duke Dungeon Quests

Quest Title: Chain Restaurant
Collect taxes from 5 royal buildings.
Gather 100,000 coins to buy a castle dungeon.
Buy 1 dungeon… For Cooking?
Rewards: 3250 Coins and 65 Experience Points.

Quest Title: Where are the Snickerdoodies?
Have 11 gold bricks to build the castle dungeon.
Craft 3 candles. It gets dark in a castle dungeon.
Have 6 coat of arms for your royal buildings.
Rewards: 3250 Coins and 65 Experience Points.

Quest Title: Chop Chop!
Craft 4 ropes so you can hang meat and herbs from the ceiling.
Purchase 1 guillotine, so you can chop heads of cabbage.
Harvest 20 cabbages to use in the guillotine.
Rewards: 3250 Coins and 65 Experience Points

Quest Title: Hollowed be thy cheese
Have 1 crewed castle dungeon in your kingdom
Have 1 iron maiden in your kingdom. It makes the worlds best Swiss cheese!
Have 7 eyes of newt to keep watch over your new castle dungeon.
Rewards: 3250 Coins and 65 Experience Points.

Quest Title: Nice Rack
Buy the rack, to stretch things
Collect taxes from your castle dungeon. You have to pay for ingredients somehow!
Gather supplies for your new castle dungeon! collect 8 from crafting support buildings.
Rewards: 3250 Coins and 65 Experience Points.

Castleville Game Staffed Royal Buildings

Zynga changed the way Castleville game shows you, which royal buildings you are staffed. The royal building in castleville game is now outlines with purple line and it has a crown on top of the building. The picture below shows how the royal building looks when you are staffed in it.

castleville game royal building update

Castleville game Kringle saving the holiday quests

 Castleville game Kris Kringle saving  the holiday quests

Quest Title: Sprucing Up (Saving the Holiday Quest 1 of 12 )
Place the Humble Yulefest Tree
Have 2 Festive Wreath Lamp
Have 5 Pile of Snow
Reward: 500 Coins, 10 XP, 1 Sled

Quest Title: Gift-a-Pult (Saving the Holiday Quest 2 of 12 )
Place a Gift-a-Pult Foundation
Place 2 Pine Tree Sapling
Water Pine Tree 10 Times
Reward: 500 Coins, 10 XP

castleville game saving holiday gift a pult

Gift-a-pult Require: 10 Wood Log, 10 Stone, 5 Rope, 3 Blue Print

Quest Title: Give'em Bell (Saving the Holiday Quest 3 of 12 )
Banish 3 Beasties
Have 2 Silver bells
Reward: 500 Coins, 10 XP

castleville game saving the holiday quest

Quest Title: Gifted (Saving the Holiday Quest 4 of 12 )
Finish Building Gift-a-Pult
Have a Trinket Gift
Reward: 500 Coins, 10 XP

Quest Title: Write Stuff (Saving the Holiday Quest 5 of 12 )
Have 20 Berries
Have 2 Cow Hides
Reward: 500 Coins, 10 XP

Quest Title: Yule Love This (Saving the Holiday Quest 6 of 12 )
Have 10 Trinket Gifts
Help Neighbor 10 Times
Reward: 500 Coins, 10 XP, Holiday Banner

Quest Title: Present Tense (Saving the Holiday Quest 7 of 12 )
Banish 4 Beasties
Craft 2 Additional Wood Club
Visit 8 Neighbors
Reward: 500 Coins, 10 XP

Quest Title: Fake Out (Saving the Holiday Quest 8 of 12 )
Craft 4 Holiday Decoy
Have 3 Unicorn Sparkle
Place 4 Holiday Decoy
Reward: 500 Coins, 10 XP

Quest Title: Out on a Limb (Saving the Holiday Quest 9 of 12 )
Upgrade Yulefest tree to Festive Yulefest Tree
Have 10 Keepsake Gift
Have 10 Pine Cones
Reward: 500 Coins, 10 XP, Mistletoe May Pole

Quest Title: Cheer Itself (Saving the Holiday Quest 10 of 12 )
Banish 5 Beastie
Have 10 Yulefest Surprise Gift
Reward: 500 Coins, 10 XP, Pile of Snow

Quest Title: Just Desserts (Saving the Holiday Quest 11 of 12 )
Have 25 Bottles of Milk
Have 4 Cookies
Reward: 500 Coins, 10 XP

Quest Title: Under Wraps (Saving the Holiday Quest 12 of  12 )
Upgrade Yulefest Tree to Enchanted Yulefest Tree
Have 15 Epic Gift
Pay 75,000 Coins
Reward: 500 Coins, 10 XP, Festive Tree Globe

Castleville game Gift Shoppe crafting guide

castleville game gift shoppe

Castleville game Gift Shoppe crafting guide

Fruit Cake 1 hour 8 grapes, 10 wheat bundles, 2 spices Save the Kris Kringle Quest
( Time Limited )
Holiday Slippers 1 hour 5 wool, 2 wool threads, 1 bell Save the Kris Kringle Quest
( Time Limited )
Stuffed Unicorn 1 hour 12 cottons, 8 cotton threads, 4 golden horns Save the Kris Kringle Quest
( Time Limited )
Wind-up Beastie 1 hour  12 wood logs, 3 rat tails, 3 wind -up keys Save the Kris Kringle Quest
( Time Limited )

Thursday, 15 December 2011

castleville game: Castleville Game Rafael Quest Guide

castleville game: Castleville Game Rafael Quest Guide
Adventure Club quests are available at level 26 or higher, and they are available after you have completed Rafael's love in the time of gloom quests. Reward for finishing the adventure club quests is golden oak tree.

Quest Title: Adventure Club Enrollment ( Adventure club 1 of 10 )
Pay the one time 25000 non-refundable enrollment fee.
Mail in 5 proof of banishings. Thief cloaks only.
Reward: 5250 coins, 105 xp, 1 button

Monday, 12 December 2011

Castleville game Kris Kringle Quests

Kris Kringle Quests

castleville game kris kringle quests

Quest Title: Snow Fall
Place Landing Target
Click on the Target
Help Kris Kringle Out of the Snow
Reward: 500 coins, 10xp

castleville game kris kringle snow fall

Quest Title: Ode to Joy
Place Gift Shoppe Foundation
Build the Gift Shoppe
Reward: 500 coins, 10xp, 1 candy cane pole
castleville game kris kringle quests

Quest Title: Slipping Up
Craft 1 Holiday Slipper in the Gift Shoppe
Collect the Holiday Slipper
Decorate your Kingdom with 3 Holiday Trio Candles
Reward: 750 coins, 15xp

castleville game kris kringle

Quest Title: Sugar Rush
Craft 1 tasty Fruit Cake from your Gift Shoppe.
Tend 1 Neighbors’ Kitchens to look for day-old pastries.
Have 3 Cookies to restore Kris Kringle’s strength.
Reward: 750 coins, 15xp, 1 festive wreath lamp

Quest Title: Sacked Out
Craft 5 Presents in your Gift Shoppe
Harvest 20 Flax for making Rope.
Craft 4 Rope to stitch up Kringle’s Gift Bag.
Reward: 1000 coins, 20xp

Quest Title: Quest Title: Cheer and Present Danger
Use 1 super clobber to banish those thieves.
Banish 2 winter gloom thieves.
Have 4 Unicorn sparkles. It acts as a natural repellant to the gloom
Reward: 1000 coins, 20xp, 1 snowflake banner

Quest Title: Over river, through woods
Craft 5 presents from your gift shoppe.
Spread some yulefest cheer. Earn 10 reputation.
Tend 3 neighbours gift shoppes.
Reward: 1000 coins, 20xp

Quest Title: A creature is stirring
Have 5 blueprints to get ideas for new toy.
Use 2 hyper craft to accelerate crafting.
Craft 4 wind-up beasties, gloom not included.
Reward: 1000 coins, 20xp, 1 gingerbread man

Quest Title: So Fluffy
Have 30 Cotton for making a Stuffed Unicorn.
Place 5 pretty flowers for inspiration.
Tend 10 flowers in Your Kingdom.

Quest Title: Jingle Bell Ruckus
Banish the 3 Thieves.
Craft 10 Stuffed Unicorns.
Consume 5 Fruitcakes to keep up your stamina

Castleville game cheats hints and tips

Produce faster 
Crafting buildings in Castleville ( workshop, kitchen, blacksmith,mill and so on ) perform better and can produce faster when are placed on courtyards. Courtyards can be bought in your market under Decor and a Road Tab.
castleville market courtyard

Lumber mills and Farms and stone quarry also can produce faster when you placed them near the source. Quarry will produce faster when you have stones near the building, lumber mills will produce 50% faster when they are surrounded by trees and farm plots can be turn into irrigation farms by placing them near the water like a pond or a river 
castleville crops

castleville wood production

 Few things to know when playing Castleville

When you start playing Castleville try to craft some basic elements when you get time to do it .
From workshop start making wood planks, exploration crystals, and gold bricks, you will need them when you progress and its always nice to have some laying around .
Craft some stone brick these elements are used to build buildings and also craft  a avail you be needing it later on. From your kitchen shop craft some grindstones.

The items like wood planks , gold bricks, stone bricks are very commonly used so make few of them

The reputation hearts are very easy to get by tending your neighbors and its very easy to get to 100 and that is the limit so try to spend those hearts on a hyper craft they cost 30 hearts and they can accelerate your crafting witch is very useful.

Tending Castleville buildings

When you are staffed in one of the buildings in your neighbor kingdom , you will see a heart on top of the building that you are staffed, click the building with the heart to tend and collect coins
castleville tower

Friday, 9 December 2011

Castleville Game Angle Finder how to get one

In Castleville game the angle finder can be crafted in a workshop you need to get a fasteners first to be able to build the angle finder, the fasteners can be found by harvesting Jewelery shop or crafting it in a clockmaker shop, but you need angle finder for the clockmaker shop so try to harvest from a jewelery shop then build a clockmaker.

castleville game angle finder

Monday, 5 December 2011

Castleville game izadora quest guide

Izadora The Fashionista

castleville game izadora quests

In Castleville game when characters ask for gifts like wood club,  grape juice, or other gifts it means you need to reach a higher level for the quests to be available

Castleville Game Izadora Party Girl Quests

Quest Title: New Scene ( Party Girl Quest 1 of 10 )
Move izadora's wagon into your kingdom.
Change your character's outfit to fit the new fall fashion.
Have 2 flower boxes to make your kingdom more beautiful.
Reward: 500 coins, 10xp

Quest Title: Drab to Fab ( Party Girl Quest 2 of 10 )
Tend flowers 1 time each in 3 different neighbor's kingdom.
Buy 6 flowers to add a splash of color to your kingdom.
Have 7 regal hoes to tend your new garden.
Reward: 1000 coins, 20xp

Quest Title: Shopping Spree ( Party Girl Quest 3 of 10 )
Get with the latest style.Buy a shirt.
Those pants are so yesterday. Buy a new pair.
Buy a new hat from the market.
Reward: 500 coins, 10xp

Quest Title: BFFS ( Party Girl Quest 4 of 10 )
Have 2 bubbly grog for Sonja. She does like her drink.
Feed 10 animals for Yvette.
Have 5 pretty fairy wings to give to the gal pals.
Reward: 1000 coins, 20xp

Quest Title: Vay - Cay ( Party Girl Quest 5 of 10 )
Visit neighbors 5 times to plan Izzy's trip.
Prep for the trip by performing 25 neighbor actions.
Reward: 1000 coins, 20xp

Quest Title: Perfect Pet ( Party Girl Quest 6 of 10 )
Have 5 mystery meat to lure the mink.
Gather 10 eggs to feed the mink.
Craft 1 bedding for Izzy's new pet.
Reward: 1 minkerbelle

Quest Title: Whoops ( Party Girl Quest 7 of 10 )
Gather 12 Wool to fix the faux pas.
Have 4 Wool Thread to sew up the situation.
Reward: 1000 coins, 20xp

Quest Title: RUI ( Party Girl Quest 8 of 10 )
Sell Izadora’s Wine. She doesn’t need it anymore.
( Hint:In your Inventory, click on Izadora’s Wine to sell it.)
Harvest 1 crop each in 8 different Neighbors’ Kingdoms.
Have 2 Grape Juices for Izzy.
Reward: 1750 coins, 35xp

Quest Title: Scandalous ( Party Girl Quest 9 of 10 )
Craft 1 Dye Kit to recolor Izzy’s hair.
Buy 1 Hat in the Market to further the disguise.
Have 10 Coats of Arms to complete the disguise.
Reward:  1750 coins, 35xp

Quest Title:Shunned ( Party Girl Quest 10 of 10 )
Izzy could use a loan. Sell 10 items.
Izzy needs a decorating budget. Collect taxes 15 times.
Gloomy day found. Do 20 chores in neighbours kingdoms to earn coins and items.
Reward:  1000 coins, 20xp

Castleville Game Izadora Gloom to Glam Quests

Gloom to Glam ( Gloom to Glam Quest 1 of 5 )
Craft 1 Workbench. Izzy’s going to need some place to work!
Tend Neighbors’ Crafting Support Buildings 10 times, looking for new style ideas.
Feed Peacocks 20 times to get inspired by their colors.

All that Glitters ( Gloom to Glam Quest 2 of 5 )
Have 1 Jeweler’s Shoppe.
Collect from the Jeweler’s Shoppe 1 time.
Have 10 All Purpose Polish to make things SHINE!

Silver and Bold ( Gloom to Glam Quest 3 of 5 )
Craft 5 Silver Ingots. Oh! Shiny!
Consume 4 Chocolate Bars to gain some Experience.
Clear 7 Stones. They’re so pretty when polished.

Shine On ( Gloom to Glam Quest 4 of 5 )
Craft 6 Cotton Cloth for polishing.
Have 4 sparkly Diamonds.
Have 6 Fine Wire to make jewelry.

Truth in Advertising ( Gloom to Glam Quest 5 of 5 )
Craft 2 Ornate Tapestries for advertising.
Unwither 20 crops in Neighbor’s Kingdoms. Make sure the paparazzi are there to see!
Consume 4 Collection Boxes to help fund Izadora’s Marketing campaign.

The quests below are Available at Level 23

Castleville Game Izadora Diva Quests  

Quest Title: Like A Virgo ( Diva Quest 1 of 11 )
Craft 3 candles to light the way for Izzy
Crystal Ball? Buy one.
Have 10 Dragon Scales to enhance psychic powers.

Quest Title: Happy Medium ( Diva Quest 2 of 11 )
Make a fresh bowl of Tomato Bisque. Old Al loves the stuff
Have 3 Parchment for Alastair to write down his thoughts
Gather 5 Red Feathers for peacocks to make quill pens

Quest Title: Brush With Danger ( Diva Quest 3 of 11 )
Gather 15 beeswax to give Izzy a beehive hairdo.
Shiny hair is sexy hair, Aquire 15 Mink Oils
Harvest 45 Oats for facial scrub.

Quest Title: Scents And Sensibility ( Diva Quest 4 of 11 )
Have 15 Ogre Belches for Izzy’s exotic new fragrance
Sweeten Izzy up by harvesting 10 Strawberries from neighbor’s Kingdoms
Have 5 Glass for perfume bottles
Quest Title: Model Citizen ( Diva Quest 5 of 11 )

Wool is the new leather. Have one wool tunic
Have 2 Dye Kits to make your tunic look FABULOUS!

Quest Title: Good Fortune ( Diva Quest 6 of 11 )
Alastair likes silver doodads. Craft 2 Silver Ingots for him.
Have 3 Parchment for Alastair.
Mine 1 time each in 10 different Neighbors’ Kingdoms for Alastair’s rock garden.

Quest Title: Low Note ( Diva Quest 7 of 11 )
Gather 20 Honey to sweeten Isadora’s voice
Have 1 Horseshoe to swap for singing lessons from Yvette
Have 10 Fairy WIngs to give to Yvette

Quest Title: Drama Queen ( Diva Quest 8 of 11 )
Buy 6 Decoration objects as props for Izzy’s play
Harvest 60 crops in case Izzy doesn’t do so well.
Harvest 1 Crop each in 6 Different neighbor Kingdoms

Quest Title: Graceful ( Diva Quest 9 of 11 )
Acquire 1 Carrot Cake to feed the audience while Izzy dances.
Have 1 May Pole for Isadora to dance around.
Have 5 Rolling Pins for baking and stuff.

Quest Title: Design Wise ( Diva Quest 10 of 11 )
Have 10 Cotton Thread for Izzy
Have 2 Cotton Cloth to make something AMAZING
Have 10 Royal Jewels to adorn Izzy’s outfit

Quest Title: Fashion Forward ( Diva Quest 11 of 11 )
Have 2 Cotton Cloth to launch Izzy’s new career
Have 1 Cotton Legging to complete the look
Buy 1 Costume piece to top off Izzy’s new design.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Castleville game craft item ask hint and tip

In castleville game you can ask for items you need, instead crafting them that takes time and items, you can easily ask for these items in advance . Go to your crafting building, will it be a kitchen, studio or workshop  and if you don't have the items like cotton thread, or oats. instead planting the oats you can ask for the oats with asking button in a kitchen, this can save you a lot of energy and time. the pictures below show you what you can ask for, there are other crafting materials that you can ask your neighbors for it.

castleville game cheats hint tips

castleville game cheats hints tips

As you can see instead crafting those items in your crafting buildings you can easily ask for them, that will save you time and energy.

If this is useful please share it. Thank you

Castleville game special fairy limited collection items

Castlevile game zynga has released a special fairy limited collection. The good thing about this collection you can buy a nice pony with 100 reputation hearts, most of the items you can buy with crowns but a pony is 100 reputation hearts.
Sometimes when zynga releases collections is not worth spending money but on occasion there are things you can buy with reputation hearts and they are worth it, so don't delay go buy that special collection pony
castleville game special fairy collection items
The special collection is found in your market

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Castleville game Inventory limit

Castleville game inventory has been limited to maximum 50
The Consumables are the same limits, but the Materials storage has been cut  back. All of them have had their caps reduced to 50 each. Every item material  with 99 before is now 50 ,wood and stone are still 99, BUT wood planks and stone blocks are now caped at 40.

castleville game stone block item                

So many items in castleville game are reused in different quests, I wouldn't sell anything.  The coins you get for selling are not great and it doesn't hurt anything to keep them. 

Friday, 2 December 2011

Castleville game Quinn quests guide

castleville game Quinn quest guide

In Castleville game when characters ask for gifts like wood club, or grape juice, it means you need to reach a higher level for the quests to be available

Castleville Game Quinn Traveling Bard Quests

Quest Title: Out of the gloom ( Traveling Bard quest 1 of 5 )
Collect taxes from houses 10 times.
Craft 2 grapes juice.
Craft 1 chocolate bar.
Reward: 2000 coins, 40xp

Quest Title: Fresh air and hard work ( Traveling Bard quest 2 of 5 )
Collect from your Mining Camps 4 times.
Have 6 Stone Walls to protect your Castle.
Collect from Mining Camps in 3 different Neighbors' Kingdoms.
Reward: 2000 coins, 40xp

Quest Title: Lost and Replaced ( Traveling Bard quest 3 of 5 )
Craft 2 Parchment.
Craft 5 Bottles of Ink.
Have 5 Love Letters.
Reward: 2000 coins, 40xp

Quest Title: Legends of Yore ( Traveling Bard quest 4 of 5 )
Collect from 10 Neighbors' Buildings.
Collect from your Royal Buildings 8 times.
Have 6 Crystal Shards.
Reward: 2000 coins, 40xp

Quest Title: The Knowledge Building ( Traveling Bard quest 5 of 5 )
Have 1 Library in your Kingdom.
Collect 2 times from your Library.
Have 5 Books. 
Reward: 2000 coins, 40xp

Castleville Game Quinn Magical Corn Quests

Quest Title: Golden Nuggets ( Magical Corn Quest 1 of 5 )
Plant 30 corn. I just love seeing its golden ears growing.
Harvest 30 tasty corn
Feed 15 sheep. They think corn is delicious, too!
Reward: 2000 coins, 40xp

Quest Title: Fluffy Goodness ( Magical Corn Quest 2 of 5 )
Craft 1 cornbread muffins. Find this new recipe in the kitchen.
Have 1 grindstone. The corn needs to be finely ground into corn meal.
Have 5 cornbread muffins to let your kingdom enjoy them.
Reward: 2000 coins, 40xp

Quest Title: Corn Spirit ( Magical Corn Quest 3 of 5 )
Have 10 ears of corn
Have 2 kegs in your kingdom.Craft these in your workshop ( your kegs are in your decor inventory and you must place them in your kingdom )
Have 4 flasks to enjoy the drink.
Reward: 2000 coins, 40xp

Quest Title:  Lend me your ears ( Magical Corn Quest 4 of 5 )
Help others make room for planting corn. Harvest 10 crops in neighbors kingdoms.
Harvest 3 corn from a neighbor's kingdom.
Feed 15 geese. They just love the corn also.
Reward:  2000 coins, 40xp

Quest Title: Corn for a Kettle ( Magical Corn Quest 5 of 5 )
Have 10 kettle corn for gifts for those i meet on the road.
Have 2 whetstones. These are great for smashing corn while on the road.
Reward: 1000 coins, 20xp

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Castleville game kitchen crafting items guide

Castleville game Kitchen Crafting Item Materials Guide

castleville game kitchen crafting items
                                                         Kitchen building craftable items

Item Name Crafting Time Item Materials Needed Support Building Required
Animal Treats 3.5 hours 30 wheat , 1 flour sack
Bag of Popcorn 1 hours 5 corn, 2 stick of butter, 1 flaxseed oil
Bread dough 1.5 hours 1 stick butter, 2 eggs, 2 milk bottles
Bubbly Grog 13 min 5 pail of water, 5 ogre's belch
Cake 3 hours 2 Stone Blocks, 2 Wood Planks, 5 Hearts Bakery
Carrot cake 29 hours 2 cakes, 20 carrots Mill, Bakery
Chicken pot pie 3.5 hours 1 bread dough, 1 chicken meat, 10 potatoes Butcher, Mill
Chocolate Bar 1.5 hours 5 coca, 1 stick of butter, 4 milk bottles Mill
Chocolate covered strawberries 13 hours 15 strawberries, 4 chocolate bars  Baker, Mill
Cornbread Muffin 4 hours 2 pile of corn meal, 1 flour sack, 1 stick of butter, 2 eggs
Fertilizer 10 hours 3 animal bones, 2 eggs, 1 alchemist powder
Flaming Grog 1 hours 7 pail of water, 7 ogre's belch, 7 chili peppers                          
Flaxseed oil 5 min. 2 flax
Flour Sack 14 min. 4 bundle wheat, 3 reputation hearts
Fried Fish 8 hours 4 fish bass, 4 flaxseed oil, 2 flour sack
Grape Juice 1.5 hours 10 grapes, 5 pail of water
Grindstone 2 hours 5 stone, 5 reputation hearts
Hard Boiled Eggs 1.5 hours 10 eggs, 5 pail of water
Hot buns 2 hours 1 bread dough, 1 stick of butter Mill, bakery
Hyper Craft 26 hours 1 ruby, 10 ogre's belch, 3 hammer, 5 alchemist powderBlacksmith, Workshop
Kettle Corn 4 hours 6 ears of corn, 6 honeys, 1 stick of butter, 1 flax oil Quinn Magical Quest
Meat Sandwich 17 hours 4 hot buns, 12 meats, 3 cabbages, 3 tomatoes Butcher, Bakery, Mill
Pile of Corn Meal 5 min 5 corn, 1 flour sack
Pizza 13 hours 1 bread dough, 5 tomatoes, 1 spicy sausage  bakery
Spicy Sausage 10 hours 15 meats, 10 chilli peppers Butcher
stick of butter 5 min 5 milk bottles
Tomato Bisque Soup 8 hours 20 tomatoes, 10 milk bottles, 3 sticks of butter

Castleville game studio crafting items resources

Castleville game studio crafting building items materials guide

castleville game studio crafting

                                                     Studio building craftable items

Item Name Crafting Time Item Materials Needed Support Building Required
Bedding 16 hours 1 Cotton Cloth, 1 Cotton Thread, 3 Down Feathers, 10 Hearts Tailor
Bottle Of Ink 10 minutes 3 Berries, 3 Pails of Water
Bundle of love arrows 16 hours 20 wood planks, 40 red feathers, 10 iron bars, 5 sticks of butter The gloom lord quest
Button 3 hours 6 Animal Bones
Candle 2 hours 3 Cotton Threads, 8 Beeswax, 5 Hearts Tailor
Catapult 42 hours 20 Wood Planks, 1 Cog Clockmaker, Jeweler's Shoppe
Cloth Apron 12 hours 2 Cotton Clothes, 2 Ropes Tailor, Workshop
Cog 23 hours 2 Iron Bar, 1 Hammer, 3 Alchemist Powders Clockmaker, Jeweler's Shoppe, Workshop
Cotton Cloth 2.5 hours 3 Cotton Threads, 5 Hearts Tailor
Cotton Leggings 14 hours 2 Cotton Clothes, 1 Leather, 3 Cotton Threads Tailor
Cotton Thread 5 minutes 5 Cottons
Crafted Glass 2.5 hours 5 Sands, 2 Wood Logs Jeweler's Shoppe
Dye Kit 2 hours 10 Red Feathers, 2 Alchemist Powders
Fasteners 14 hours 1 Iron Bar, 10 Hearts Clockmaker, Workshop
Flag 18 hours 3 Wool Clothes, 2 Dye Kits Tailor
Large Banner 17 hours 2 Cotton Clothes, 2 Dye Kits Tailor
Leather 2 hours 1 Cow Hide, 3 Flax seed Oils Kitchen
Leather Apron 9 hours 2 Leathers, 5 Mink Oils, 1 Rope Tailor, Workshop
Leather Pants 16 hours 4 Mink Oils, 4 Leathers Tailor
Loom 3 hours 8 Wood Logs, 4 Wool Threads, 5 Hearts
Ornate Tapestry 28 hours 10 Cotton Threads, 5 Cotton Clothes, 1 Diamond Tailor, Jeweler's Shoppe
Parchment 7 minutes 4 Wood Logs, 6 Cottons
Pine Cone Garland 1 hour 2 Cottons,15 pine cones
Practice Dummy 28 hours 8 Wheat, 2 Buttons, 4 Wool Clothes Tailor
Silver Ingot 2.5 hours 2 Silver Ores, 5 Wood Planks Jeweler's Shoppe
Stained Glass 34 hours 3 Crafted Glass, 1 Dye Kit, 2 Iron Bars Clockmaker
Wishing Well 27 hours 15 Stone Blocks, 15 Wood Planks Clockmaker, Mining Camp
Wool Cloth 2 hours 5 Wool Threads Tailor
Wool Thread 5 minutes 3 Wools
Wool Tunic 18 hours 5 Wool Clothes, 2 Dye Kits Tailor

Castleville game workshop crafting items resources

Castleville game workshop crafting building items materials guide

castleville workshop
                                                   Workshop building craftable items
Item Name Crafting Time Item Materials Needed Support Building Required
Angle Finder 44 hours 2 Iron Bars, 1 Fastener, 15 Alchemist Powders Quarry
Anvil 9 hours 5 Stone Blocks, 5 Alchemist Powders
Bag of Nails 18 hours 1 Iron Bar, 1 Leather, 10 Hearts Blacksmith
Brick Oven 3 hours 2 Stone Blocks, 2 Wood Planks, 5 Hearts
Collections Box 24 hours 6 Alchemist Powders, 1 Wood Plank, 1 Bag of Nails Blacksmith, Armory
Exploration Crystal 1.5 hours 3 Crystal Shards
Fishing Bait 14 minutes 1 Rat Tail, 3 Honeys, 1 Alchemist Powder
Gloom Goblin Potion 12 hours 1 Goblin Ear, 6 Alchemist Powders, 7 Wool Theads, 5 Wood Logs Kitchen, Studio
Gloom Rat Potion 2.5 hours 1 Rat Tail, 2 Milk Bottles, 3 Shells, 1 Alchemist Powders Kitchen
Gloom Thief Potion 13 hours 1 Thief Cloak, 1 Iron Bar, 5 Stones, 2 Alchemist Powders Studio
Gloom Wolf Potion 8 hours 2 Wolf Hairs, 1 Chicken Meats, 3 Silver Ores, 2 Alchemist Powders
Gold Brick 1.5 hours 2 Stone Blocks, 4 Alchemist Powders
Hammer 2 hours 2 Wood Logs, 2 Stone Blocks, 3 Hearts Blacksmith
Holiday Decoy 1 hour 2 stone blocks, 20 berries, 10 honeys (Limited time quest )saving the holiday quest
Horseshoe 12 hours 1 Iron Bar, 1 Hammer Blacksmith, Quarry
Iron Axe 13 hours 2 Iron Bars, 1 Grindstone Kitchen, Blacksmith
Iron Bar 9 hours 3 Wood Logs, 2 Iron Ores Blacksmith
Iron Pick 18 hours 4 Wood Logs, 1 Iron Bar Blacksmith
Keg 22 hours 2 Iron Bars, 3 Wood Planks, 3 Alchemist Powders Blacksmith
Knife 9 hours 1 Iron Bar, 4 Wood Logs Blacksmith
Rope 5 minutes 5 Flaxes
Spear of humility 12 hours 2 iron bars, 2 anvils, 3 wood planks The gloom lord quest
Stone Block 1 hour 6 Stones
Super Chop 24 hours 1 Iron Axe, 5 Alchemist Powders Blacksmith
Super Clobber 3 hours 5 Alchemist Powders, 1 Wood Club
Sword 15 hours 1 Iron Bar, 2 Leathers, 3 Alchemist Powders Blacksmith
Wood Club 10 minutes 5 Wood Logs, 1 Alchemist Powder
Wood Fence 5 minutes 2 Wood Logs
Wood Plank 1 hour 6 Wood Logs
Work Bench 24 hours 3 Wood Planks, 2 Bags of Nails Logging Camp, Blacksmith

Castleville game animal peacock blue feather

Castleville has made possible for castleville players to ask for the peacock feather .Castleville Studio building has the ability to ask for the blue feather, if you dont have any blue feathers, go to your studio building in castleville game and click to craft a dye and you be able to ask a friend for a blue peacock feather

castleville blue peacock feather

Castleville game peacock goose animal growth feeding change

Castleville game peacock goose animal growth feeding time has changed.
In castleville game peacock animal and goose feeding has been lower, now its takes 4 days to grow peacock animal and  16 days for castleville animal goose
castleville game goosecastleville game peacock

Castleville game fishing water pail, resources tips

Castleville game hint, fishing from a pond gives you a pail of water, shell, fish and occasionally a boot to share with your castleville game friends.
If you need a pail of water and you are full of fish in your inventory the pail of water wont drop in castleville game. Sell some fish from your castlevile market and fish again in a pond and you will get resource pail of water.

castleville game resources water pail fishing

Castleville how to get blue peacock feather

Castleville Peacock's blue feather can be obtain in 2 ways.
castleville blue peacock feather
 One way is to feed adult peacock in your kingdom and that will take a bit of time, or use a super chop and chop some wood in your kingdom and you might get lucky to get that rare drop of  blue feather.

castleville game super chop
Please be patient as the blue peacock feather is a rare item and it drops rarely.
A super chop can be bought in market for 20 hearts