Wednesday, 21 December 2011

castleville game winter vacation quest

 castleville game winter vacation quest

Quest Title: South for the Winter
Have 2 Fishing Bait for Kris Kringle's vacation.
Harvest 5 Wheat. It will make a nice straw hat.
Reward: 500 coins, 10xp

Quest Title: Worth a Shot
Modify the Gift-A-Pult.
Launch Kris Kringle from the Gift-A-Pult.
Reward: 750 coins, 15xp

Quest Title: Red Hat Down
Collect 10 Pails of Water to put out any fires.
Collect 4 Yulefest Cakes to revive Kris Kringle.
Buy 1 Snow Shovel to clean up the mess.
Reward: 500 coins, 10xp

Quest Title: Put a Spring in Your Step
Craft 5 Lazy Springs from the Gift Shoppe.
Repair the Gift-A-Pult.
Reward: 1000 coins, 20xp, Snow Princess

Quest Title: Reverse Engineering
Use 2 Super Clobbers.
Banish the Winter Gloom Goblins.
Reward: 750 coins, 15xp

Quest Title: Stay on Target
Collect 4 Lenses to Work on the new design.
Have 5 Chicken Meat to use for test launches.
Visit 5 Neighbors to see if the launches are on-target.
Reward: 500 coins, 10xp, candy cane banner

Quest Title: North Pole Diet
No more cookies! Harvest 15 Cabbage for salads.
Carrot sticks are a healthy snack. Harvest 10 Carrots.
Give Kris Kringle something heavy to lift. Craft 1 Anvil.
Reward: 750 coins, 15xp

Quest Title: Sticky Fingers
Banish the 3 Winter Gloom Thieves and take their Chocolate Bars!
Save his diet! Consume the Chocolate Bars before Kris Kringle can.
Reward: 750 coins, 15xp, toy train

Quest Title: More Power!
Upgrade the Gift-A-Pult.
Collect 20 Piles of Sand to test the Gift-A-Pult's strength.
Reward: 1000 coins, 20xp

Quest Title: Ready, Aim, See you Next Year!
Fire the Gift-A-Pult and send Kris Kringle on his way!
Kris Kringle left you a surprise. Click on the Gift-A-Pult to see it!
Reward: 1000 coins, 20xp, Rudolph the red nosed reindeer

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