Monday, 12 December 2011

Castleville game cheats hints and tips

Produce faster 
Crafting buildings in Castleville ( workshop, kitchen, blacksmith,mill and so on ) perform better and can produce faster when are placed on courtyards. Courtyards can be bought in your market under Decor and a Road Tab.
castleville market courtyard

Lumber mills and Farms and stone quarry also can produce faster when you placed them near the source. Quarry will produce faster when you have stones near the building, lumber mills will produce 50% faster when they are surrounded by trees and farm plots can be turn into irrigation farms by placing them near the water like a pond or a river 
castleville crops

castleville wood production

 Few things to know when playing Castleville

When you start playing Castleville try to craft some basic elements when you get time to do it .
From workshop start making wood planks, exploration crystals, and gold bricks, you will need them when you progress and its always nice to have some laying around .
Craft some stone brick these elements are used to build buildings and also craft  a avail you be needing it later on. From your kitchen shop craft some grindstones.

The items like wood planks , gold bricks, stone bricks are very commonly used so make few of them

The reputation hearts are very easy to get by tending your neighbors and its very easy to get to 100 and that is the limit so try to spend those hearts on a hyper craft they cost 30 hearts and they can accelerate your crafting witch is very useful.

Tending Castleville buildings

When you are staffed in one of the buildings in your neighbor kingdom , you will see a heart on top of the building that you are staffed, click the building with the heart to tend and collect coins
castleville tower

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