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Castleville game Quinn quests guide

castleville game Quinn quest guide

In Castleville game when characters ask for gifts like wood club, or grape juice, it means you need to reach a higher level for the quests to be available

Castleville Game Quinn Traveling Bard Quests

Quest Title: Out of the gloom ( Traveling Bard quest 1 of 5 )
Collect taxes from houses 10 times.
Craft 2 grapes juice.
Craft 1 chocolate bar.
Reward: 2000 coins, 40xp

Quest Title: Fresh air and hard work ( Traveling Bard quest 2 of 5 )
Collect from your Mining Camps 4 times.
Have 6 Stone Walls to protect your Castle.
Collect from Mining Camps in 3 different Neighbors' Kingdoms.
Reward: 2000 coins, 40xp

Quest Title: Lost and Replaced ( Traveling Bard quest 3 of 5 )
Craft 2 Parchment.
Craft 5 Bottles of Ink.
Have 5 Love Letters.
Reward: 2000 coins, 40xp

Quest Title: Legends of Yore ( Traveling Bard quest 4 of 5 )
Collect from 10 Neighbors' Buildings.
Collect from your Royal Buildings 8 times.
Have 6 Crystal Shards.
Reward: 2000 coins, 40xp

Quest Title: The Knowledge Building ( Traveling Bard quest 5 of 5 )
Have 1 Library in your Kingdom.
Collect 2 times from your Library.
Have 5 Books. 
Reward: 2000 coins, 40xp

Castleville Game Quinn Magical Corn Quests

Quest Title: Golden Nuggets ( Magical Corn Quest 1 of 5 )
Plant 30 corn. I just love seeing its golden ears growing.
Harvest 30 tasty corn
Feed 15 sheep. They think corn is delicious, too!
Reward: 2000 coins, 40xp

Quest Title: Fluffy Goodness ( Magical Corn Quest 2 of 5 )
Craft 1 cornbread muffins. Find this new recipe in the kitchen.
Have 1 grindstone. The corn needs to be finely ground into corn meal.
Have 5 cornbread muffins to let your kingdom enjoy them.
Reward: 2000 coins, 40xp

Quest Title: Corn Spirit ( Magical Corn Quest 3 of 5 )
Have 10 ears of corn
Have 2 kegs in your kingdom.Craft these in your workshop ( your kegs are in your decor inventory and you must place them in your kingdom )
Have 4 flasks to enjoy the drink.
Reward: 2000 coins, 40xp

Quest Title:  Lend me your ears ( Magical Corn Quest 4 of 5 )
Help others make room for planting corn. Harvest 10 crops in neighbors kingdoms.
Harvest 3 corn from a neighbor's kingdom.
Feed 15 geese. They just love the corn also.
Reward:  2000 coins, 40xp

Quest Title: Corn for a Kettle ( Magical Corn Quest 5 of 5 )
Have 10 kettle corn for gifts for those i meet on the road.
Have 2 whetstones. These are great for smashing corn while on the road.
Reward: 1000 coins, 20xp

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