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Castleville Game Duke CastleBerry Punch Quest

Castleville Game Duke CastleBerry Punch Quest

In castleville you will need to be level 8 to obtain these quests, most likely these quests be available to you all be New Year Eve.

You may have found this new Recipe in your Kitchen, here is the new quest line to go with it

castleville game castleberry punch quest

Quest Title: Packing a Punch ( CastleBerry Punch Quests 1 of 6 )
Have 3 Wood Plank so you can build a sturdy keg.
Have 2 Iron Bar to reinforce the keg.
Craft 1 Keg.

Quest Title: There’s Still Time ( CastleBerry Punch Quests 2 of 6 )
Collect 20 Wood Log to fuel the fire.
Collect 4 Copper Tubes to construct the apparatus.
Collect 4 Stone Block to build a sturdy base.

Quest Title: The Basic Mix ( CastleBerry Punch Quests 3 of 6 )
Harvest 25 Grapes to give the punch some flavor.
Collect 5 Pails of Water to add some body to the punch.
Get 5 Cloves from your friends to add some punch to the brew.

Quest Title: The Special Ingredients ( CastleBerry Punch Quests 4 of 6 )
Collect 15 Berries to add a kick to the punch.
Gather 6 Yummhee Yeast so we can begin brewing.
Collect 20 Honey from neigbors’ kingdoms to sweeten the concoction.

Quest Title: A Bunch of Punch ( CastleBerry Punch Quests 5 of 6 )
Earn 50 Reputation from Neighbor visits to ensure you get all the votes.
Tax a House in 5 unique kingdoms to let some peasants taste your brew.

Quest Title: Punch of the Year ( CastleBerry Punch Quests 6 of 6 )
Change your character’s apperance to get ready for the award ceremony.
Visit the Duke’s Kingdom to attend the award ceremony.
Drink 1 glass of your punch and enjoy the fruits of your labors.

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