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Castleville Sylphie the Flighty Fairy Quest Guides

Castleville Sylphie the Flighty Fairy Quest Guides

castleville game sylphie flighty fairy guest guide
The sylphie quests are available after you complete Dukes dungeon quests and you have to be level 19 and above.
Quest Title: Clap if you Believe ( A Fairy’s Tale Quest 1 of 10 )
Have 6 Down Feathers to make a tiny bed.
Have 15 Pails of Water to splash on the fairy’s face.
Have 10 Ogre Belches for smelling salts.
Reward: 1000 coins, 20xp
Quest Title: Great for Spooning ( A Fairy’s Tale Quest 2 of 10 )
Start with 3 Meat
Toss in 15 Carrots.
Add 15 Chili Peppers for some get-up-and-go!
Reward: 1000 coins, 20xp
Quest Title: Pixie Mix ( A Fairy’s Tale Quest 3 of 10 )
Collect 10 Berries.
Add 6 Eye of Newt.
Finish it off with a pinch of Alchemist Powder.
Reward: 1000 coins, 20xp 

Quest Title: Winging It ( A Fairy’s Tale Quest 4 of 10 )
Collect 8 discarded Fairy Wings to enchant.
Craft 2 Exploration Crystals to power Sylphie’s Magic
Collect 10 Honey. Magic makes a Fairy hungry!
1000 coins, 20xp

Quest Title: Mighty Wings ( A Fairy’s Tale Quest 5 of 10 )

Have 1 Bedding to break Sylphie’s fall during test flights.
Have 3 Wool Thread to make a guide wire.
Buy and place 6 Hedge Fences. They’ll make a great obstacle course.
1000 coins, 20xp

Quest Title: Flower Child ( A Fairy’s Tale Quest 6 of 10 )

Buy 1 Trellis to complete Sylphie’s Fairy Maze.
Buy 5 Nature items, you know, like Mushrooms and Roots. Us Fairies love that stuff.
Your Forest needs to be regrown. Water 10 Saplings in your Kingdom.
Reward: 1500 coins, 30xp
Quest Title: Do Not Want ( A Fairy’s Tale Quest 7 of 10 )
Fairies hate Flax – so scratchy! Sell 50 Flax.
Iron? Horrid stuff. At least to Fairies. Sell 2 Bag of Nails.
Fairies also really hate salt. Sell 40 Bass (they are saltier than you think).
1500 coins, 30xp

Quest Title: Flight for Your Right ( A Fairy’s Tale Quest 8 of 10 )

Spend 80 or more Reputation Points.
All Fairies have harps. Everyone knows that. Have 1 Faun’s Harp.
Get 4 Alchemist Powder to add some pizzazz to the party.
1500 coins, 30xp

Quest Title: Pint Sized Feast ( A Fairy’s Tale Quest 9 of 10 )

Have 15 Rat Tails. Sounds gross, but dipped in honey they’re so good!
Craft 1 Carrot Cake. Tis about the only human food Fairies will touch.
Harvest 10 Cocoa. Fact: Hollow them out and they make for a great Fairy boat!
1500 coins, 30xp 

Quest Title: Project Mischief ( A Fairy’s Tale Quest 10 of 10 )

Buy 3 Garden Gnomes. They just scream mischief!
Have 5 Love Letters to send to Rafael. Just don’t tell him they are from Goblins.
Craft 1 Dye Kit so Sylphie can swap out Yvette’s shampoo with some pink dye!
1500 coins, 30xp, Sylphie’s house
castleville game sylphie guide quest

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