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Castleville Game Tom Quest Guides

Castleville Game Tom Quest Guides

Castleville Tom quests are shown below. Castleville Tom quests are available to you when you reach level 11 in zynga castleville.

Castleville Game Tom Quest Guides
Castleville Tom is the Legendary Knight who never ceases to aid in the fight against the castle ville gloom lord.
Tom fights castle ville gloom dragons by your side, and insists on protecting your castleville kingdom from the horrible beasties that the gloom lord has sent to destroy you.
Castleville Tom’s only weakness is the tasty sweetness of a sugary treat.
Tom comes to your Kingdom on his search for Cyril, a dragon whom he was fighting in the sky before he fell off and landed in your Kingdom.
He is always boasting about his strength and cunning.
Castle ville Tom returned to the Kingdom , just to find out it was over run with beasties.
He was shocked to see the majestic land blanketed by the purple Gloom. Beasties roamed.
Sadness reigned. Castleville Tom knew the Great Wizard Alastair could help. If only Tom knew where to find him!
Armed with his trusty sword and a pack full of jelly donuts, Tom set out on his greatest quests of all.

Castleville Tom Quests

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