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Castleville Game Spa Treatment Quest Guides

Castleville Game Spa Treatment Quest Guides

Castleville game Izadora quests Available for Level 15 or Above. You must Complete Party Girl Quests to get this quest guide.
While you are completing the 12 Quests with Martha Stewart, Castleville Izadora will give you these new 6 Quests. Castleville game Final reward is this Hot tub.
Quest Title: Spa-tacular! ( Izadora Spa Treatment Quests 1 of 6 )
EVERYONE has the right to a good mani pedi. Yvette and Sonja are gonna just LOVE this Spa! I can’t wait!
Have 85,000 Coins to purchase a Royal Spa. Beauty comes at a price!
Buy a Royal Spa and place it in your Kingdom.
Have 8 Fluffy Bath Robes to make this place a girl’s dream-come-true!
Rewards: 2500 coins, 50 XP
Castleville Game Izadora Spa Treatment Quests Guide
Quest Title: Chocolate Delight ( Izadora Spa Treatment Quests 2 of 6 )
EVERYBODY knows a girl can’t live without some delicious Chocolate! Mmmm… I could go for some right now myself.
Finish building the Royal Spa and let the pampering begin!
Craft 4 Chocolate Bars to make your new customers feel special (Craft => Kitchen. You need to own a Mill)
Rewards: 2000 coins, 40 XP
Quest Title: Star Struck ( Izadora Spa Treatment Quests 3 of 6 )
If you AND Rafael visit our Spa, people will be flocking from all over. I just KNOW it!
Visit the Royal Spa 1 time to show customers that important people go there.
Chop 5 Trees to help Rafael build up a nice musk for the ladies.
Have 5 Ropes to hold back Rafael’s adoring fans from tackling him (Craft => Workshop)
Rewards: 2000 coins, 40 XP
Quest Title: Bad Hair Day ( Izadora Spa Treatment Quests 4 of 6 )
Rafael might think this is a joke, but there’s NO joking when it comes to my hair. Just look at it, it’s a MESS! Don’t look at me, I’m RUINED!
Tend 10 flowers and grass in your Kingdom to find Izadora’s ribbon.
Mine Rocks 10 times to see if the ribbon got wedged under one of them.
Chop 10 Trees to see if any ribbons fall from the branches.
Rewards: 2000 coins, 40 XP
Quest Title: Color Blind ( Izadora Spa Treatment Quests 5 of 6 )
If we make posters, it will help people recognize my ribbon. Make SURE you use the right color though!
Have 5 Peacock Feathers to draw an image of Izzy’s ribbon on the poster.
Have 5 Bottles of Ink to use with the Peacock Feathers
Visit 10 Friends to ask if they have seen Izadora’s ribbon
Rewards: 2500 coins, 50 XP
Quest Title: A New Do ( Izadora Spa Treatment Quests 6 of 6 )
I’m SO excited about my new ribbon, I can hardly stand it!
Have 5 spools of Cotton Thread to weave a new ribbon.
Have 6 Bottles of Emerald Dye to make Izzy’s ribbon as FABULOUS as she is.
Collect from 15 Buildings in your Kingdom to spread the word of Izzy’s new hair piece!
Rewards: 2500 coins, 50 XP, Hot Tub

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