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Castleville Game Diva Quest Guide

Castleville Game Diva Quest Guide

The quests below are Available at Level 23
Quest Title: Like A Virgo ( Diva Quest 1 of 11 )
Craft 3 candles to light the way for Izzy
Crystal Ball? Buy one.
Have 10 Dragon Scales to enhance psychic powers.
Quest Title: Happy Medium ( Diva Quest 2 of 11 )
Make a fresh bowl of Tomato Bisque. Old Al loves the stuff
Have 3 Parchment for Alastair to write down his thoughts
Gather 5 Red Feathers for peacocks to make quill pens
Quest Title: Brush With Danger ( Diva Quest 3 of 11 )
Gather 15 beeswax to give Izzy a beehive hairdo.
Shiny hair is sexy hair, Aquire 15 Mink Oils
Harvest 45 Oats for facial scrub.
Quest Title: Scents And Sensibility ( Diva Quest 4 of 11 )
Have 15 Ogre Belches for Izzy’s exotic new fragrance
Sweeten Izzy up by harvesting 10 Strawberries from neighbor’s Kingdoms
Have 5 Glass for perfume bottles
Quest Title: Model Citizen ( Diva Quest 5 of 11 )
Wool is the new leather. Have one wool tunic
Have 2 Dye Kits to make your tunic look FABULOUS!
Quest Title: Good Fortune ( Diva Quest 6 of 11 )
Alastair likes silver doodads. Craft 2 Silver Ingots for him.
Have 3 Parchment for Alastair.
Mine 1 time each in 10 different Neighbors’ Kingdoms for Alastair’s rock garden.
Quest Title: Low Note ( Diva Quest 7 of 11 )
Gather 20 Honey to sweeten Isadora’s voice
Have 1 Horseshoe to swap for singing lessons from Yvette
Have 10 Fairy WIngs to give to Yvette
Quest Title: Drama Queen ( Diva Quest 8 of 11 )
Buy 6 Decoration objects as props for Izzy’s play
Harvest 60 crops in case Izzy doesn’t do so well.
Harvest 1 Crop each in 6 Different neighbor Kingdoms
Quest Title: Graceful ( Diva Quest 9 of 11 )
Acquire 1 Carrot Cake to feed the audience while Izzy dances.
Have 1 May Pole for Isadora to dance around.
Have 5 Rolling Pins for baking and stuff.
Quest Title: Design Wise ( Diva Quest 10 of 11 )
Have 10 Cotton Thread for Izzy
Have 2 Cotton Cloth to make something AMAZING
Have 10 Royal Jewels to adorn Izzy’s outfit
Quest Title: Fashion Forward ( Diva Quest 11 of 11 )
Have 2 Cotton Cloth to launch Izzy’s new career
Have 1 Cotton Legging to complete the look
Buy 1 Costume piece to top off Izzy’s new design.

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