Thursday, 25 April 2013

Castleville Game Gloom to Glam Quest Guides

Castleville Game Gloom to Glam Quest Guides

Quest Title: Gloom to Glam ( Gloom to Glam Quest 1 of 5 )
Craft 1 Workbench. Izzy’s going to need some place to work!
Tend Neighbors’ Crafting Support Buildings 10 times, looking for new style ideas.
Feed Peacocks 20 times to get inspired by their colors.
Quest Title: All that Glitters ( Gloom to Glam Quest 2 of 5 )
Have 1 Jeweler’s Shoppe.
Collect from the Jeweler’s Shoppe 1 time.
Have 10 All Purpose Polish to make things SHINE!
Quest Title: Silver and Bold ( Gloom to Glam Quest 3 of 5 )
Craft 5 Silver Ingots. Oh! Shiny!
Consume 4 Chocolate Bars to gain some Experience.
Clear 7 Stones. They’re so pretty when polished.
Quest Title: Shine On ( Gloom to Glam Quest 4 of 5 )
Craft 6 Cotton Cloth for polishing.
Have 4 sparkly Diamonds.
Have 6 Fine Wire to make jewelry.
Quest Title: Truth in Advertising ( Gloom to Glam Quest 5 of 5 )
Craft 2 Ornate Tapestries for advertising.
Unwither 20 crops in Neighbor’s Kingdoms. Make sure the paparazzi are there to see!
Consume 4 Collection Boxes to help fund Izadora’s Marketing campaign.

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