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Castleville Yvette Lovelorn Quest Guides

Castleville Yvette Lovelorn Quest Guides

castleville yvette lovelorn quests
Quest Title: Flies to honey ( Yvette Lovelorn Quest 1 of 14 )
Clear 7 grass to help Yvette find a frog to kiss
Fish 10 times in neighbor’s kingdom to try and catch a frog
Collect 15 honey to help make the kiss less gross
Reward: 1000 coins, 20xp
Quest Title:  Beauty Rest Yvette Lovelorn Quest 2 of 14 )
Have 1 cotton cloth for Yvette’s bed sheets
Have 1 wood club to knock Yvette out
Have 2 love letters so Yvette can send them to a prince
Reward: 1750 coins, 35xp
Quest Title:  Siren Song Yvette Lovelorn Quest 3 of 14 )
Collect 15 bass for a mermaid costume ( bass can be fished out from a pond )
Collect 2 shells to make a bikini top.
Have 4 royal jewels for Yvette’s mermaid costume.
Reward: 1500 coins, 30xp
Quest Title:  Hairy Tale Yvette Lovelorn Quest 4 of 14 )
Own a second Maiden’s tower for Yvette to hang her hair out of.
Have 7 gloom wolf hair so Yvette can have really long hair
Have 2 dye kits so Yvette’s roots aren’t showing
Reward: 1750 coins, 35xp
Quest Title:Spinning Wheels Yvette Lovelorn Quest 5 of 14 )
Collect from 1 house in 3 unique neighbor’s kingdoms to discover the man’s name
Have a tailor so Yvette has somewhere to work
Have 20 wheat bundles to spin into gold
Reward: 1500 coins, 30xp
Quest Title: The Fairest One Yvette Lovelorn Quest 6 of 14 )
Construct 1 mining camp
Collect from a mining camp 3 times
Have 1 iron pick so the short miners can work
Reward: 3250 coins, 65xp, 1 hyper craft
Quest Title: If the Shoe Fits Yvette Lovelorn Quest 7 of 14 )
Have 2 Cotton Cloth for a Gown. Yvette needs a new dress anyway.
Collect 8 Sand to make a glass slipper for Yvette’s slipper scheme.
Visit 1 Friend’s Kingdom to take Yvette to the ball.
Reward:  3250 coins, 65xp
Quest Title: Hoodwinked Yvette Lovelorn Quest 8 of 14 )
Have 1 Thief Cloak to venture into the woods with.
Have 25 Tomatoes to color the cloak red and guard against skunks.
Have 5 Mystery Meat so Yvette has something to take to Grannie.
Reward: 2000 coins, 40xp
Quest Title: The Savage Beast Yvette Lovelorn Quest 9 of 14 )
Clobber Gloom Wolves 10 times to find one suitable to change into a Prince.
Have 3 Rope to tie the Gloom Wolf up so Yvette can find her prince. Kinky!
Have 1 Cotton Leggings so the beast has pants to wear.
Reward:  2500 coins, 50xp
Quest Title: Career Woman Yvette Lovelorn Quest 10 of 14 )  
Have 1 Wool Tunic so Yvette has new clothes while she’s on the road.
Have 1 Cotton Leggings for Yvette to wear during her tour.
Tour 5 Unique neighbors’ Kingdoms to help promote Yvette.
Reward: 3250 coins, 65xp
Quest Title: Color Girl Yvette Lovelorn Quest 11 of 14 )  
Buy 5 Peacocks for Yvette’s new show. It sounds exotic!
Have 2 Dye Kits so Yvette can make everything colorful.
Have 8 Fairy Wings to really add some flair to her outfits.
Reward:  2500 coins, 50xp  
Quest Title: Wild Thing Yvette Lovelorn Quest 12 of 14 )
Have 4 Leather Pants for Yvette’s hot new show.
Have 1 Iron Bar so Yvette can make a collar for her show.
Tour 7 Friends’ Kingdoms to prepare everyone for Yvette’s show.
Reward: 3250 coins, 65xp
Quest Title: Shining Star Yvette Lovelorn Quest 13 of 14 )
Collect 3 Rubies for Yvette’s new dress.
Collect 5 Silver Ore to make Yvette’s dress glamorous
Reward: 3250 coins, 65xp
Quest Title: Fan Mail Yvette Lovelorn Quest 14 of 14 )
Have 10 Parchment so Yvette can reply to her fan mail.
Have 10 Ink, this is gonna take a while…
Buy a lantern so Yvette can work through the night.
Reward: 3250 coins, 65xp, 1 topiary prince.

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