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Castleville Game Francis Unabridged Quest Guide

Castleville Game Francis Unabridged Quest Guide

Bridge-zilla – Francis Unabridged: Quest 1 of 4
The Love Bridge is part of Gelsey’s favorite Fairy Valentine’s ritual. I’ve never built anything before… I guess we should start with supplies?
Place the Love Bridge construction site in your Kingdom.
You can find the Love Bridge in your Inventory.
Mine 4 Rocks to gather Stone for the construction.
Click on Rocks in your Kingdom to Mine them.
Have 1 Hammer to help build a framework.
You can craft Hammers in the Workshop after you build a Blacksmith.
Rewards: Coins : 500, Xp : 4
Bridge Suspension – Francis Unabridged: Quest 2 of 4
The Love Bridge uses fairy magic to enchant surrounding Flowers! Once it’s built, it should start working…
Finish building the Love Bridge, so it can be placed over a river!
Click on the Love Bridge to see how to build it.
Have 5 Romance Candles to light up the new bridge at night.
Ask your Friends for Romance Candles.
After you’ve built the Love Bridge, move it wherever you want. Now you can place it over water!
The Love Bridge can be placed across a River or placed anywhere you prefer.
Rewards: Coins : 500, Xp : 4
Color Me Thine – Francis Unabridged: Quest 3 of 4
Perhaps if we can colorize the Love Bridge using colorful materials, its magic will shine through… All may not be lost!
Buy and place 4 Flowers close to the magic Love Bridge, because it will help them bloom faster!
Purchase Flowers from the Nature tab of the Market.
Build the Love Bridge with colorful objects to activate its magic!
Click on the Love Bridge to continue building it.
Tend 3 Flowers close to the Love Bridge, to see that it makes them ready faster.
Click on Flowers to tend them.
Rewards: Coins : 500, Xp : 4
A Bridge To Flower – Francis Unabridged: Quest 4 of 4
The Love Bridge is nearly complete. It is vital that we infuse it with color before Valentine’s ends!
Finish building the Love Bridge. Afterwards, nearby Flowers will always be ready!
Click on the Love Bridge to finish building it.
Tend 3 more Flowers. See how they’re ready for tending again in no time?
Click on Flowers near the Love Bridge to tend them.
Craft 1 Grape Juice to relax after all the hard work.
You can craft a Grape Juice in your Kitchen.
Rewards: Coins : 500, Xp : 4, Big Energy Potion : 1

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