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Castleville Game Duke Getting Schooled Quest Guides

Castleville Game Duke Getting Schooled Quest Guides

Castleville Game Duke Rattus Gloomerus quest
Quest Title: Rattus Gloomerus ( Getting Schooled Quest 1 of 5 )
Tax 5 houses to see if a gloom rat has taken up residance in one
Harvest 10 crops to see if you can find a gloom rat
Banish 1 gloom rat to learn more about them
Reward:  500 coins, 10xp
Quest Title: Cry wolf  ( Getting Schooled Quest 2 of 5 )
Feed 10 animals in your kingdom
Clear 5 grass in your kingdom
Chop a tree 5 times in your kingdom
Reward: 500 coins, 10xp
Quest Title:Decoration Distraction ( Getting Schooled Quest 3 of 5 )
Buy 3 flower pots and place them in your kingdom
Purchase 1 keep off sign to try and keep the beasties at bay
Tax 10 buildings to see if the duke’s plan is working
Reward: 1000 coins, 20xp
Quest Title: Stockpile  ( Getting Schooled Quest 4 of 5 )
Craft 3 wood planks
Gather 10 wood
Gather 10 stone
Reward:  1000 coins, 20xp, 3 stone walls
Quest Title: Home improvements ( Getting Schooled Quest 5 of 5 )
Build 1 chateau so you can gather more taxes
Tax a chateau 3 times to watch the coins come rolling in
Collect 3 mystery meat so you can have lunch
Reward: 1000 coins, 20xp

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