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Castleville Game Rafael Good Times Quest Guides

Castleville Game Rafael Good Times Quest Guides

castleville rafael too sexy good times quest

Quest Title: Too Sexy ( Good Times Quest 1 of 5 )
Have 2 flax seed oil
Have 3 piles of sand
Collect coins 5 times from neighboring kingdom’s houses
Reward: 1000 coins, 20xp
Quest Title: Decent Proposal ( Good Times Quest 2 of 5 )
Have 3 love letters as proof of Rafael’s many admirers
Have 1 diamond
Have 20 grapes for Rafael
Reward: 1000 coins, 20xp
Quest Title: Not in my kingdom ( Good Times Quest 3 of 5 )
Have 10 pail of water to splash on Rafael after his run down
Have 15 gloom wolf hair as symbols of redeeming the fair Maidens honor
Buy 2 new clothing items to replace the fair Maiden’s now furry corset
Reward: 1500 coins, 30xp
Quest Title:  Mightiest of trees ( Good Times Quest 4 of 5 )
Collect from logging camps 5 times
Use 1 super chop and chop a mighty tree ( any tree be ok )
Clear 10 tree stumps
Reward:  1500 coins, 30xp
Quest Title: Gobblin Goblin ( Good Times Quest 5 of 5 )
Have 1 gloom goblin in your kingdom
Unwither 1 crop in 2 different neighbor’s kingdoms
Craft 1 button to replace the one Rafael popped off his pants ( buttons are crafted in a studio )
Reward: 1500 coins, 30xp, 1 Gnome statue

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