Saturday, 25 August 2012

Castleville No Free Links NO play Strike

Castleville Free links August 25-28 No Free Links NO play Strike

Castleville No Free Links NO play Strike

Castleville Boycott !!

We are going on strike and not playing Castleville on August 28th, 2012
Reasons: Game play issues such as neighbors not showing up in kingdoms, constant refreshing when tending neighbors,whoa friend almost every time
we try to send our neighbors the items they post for, etc, etc. And also the fact that there are no more links ( hopefully temporary)
We need your help to make a stand. Zynga support is very poor with the game play issues, and they need to know that the players are not going to put up with it.
One day can make a difference if everyone cooperates together. You the players need the links to be able to play, especially energy. Without energy,
the game is useless, and not worth playing. Sure, they added more items to craft energy in the kitchen, but how much energy are you spending to get the items
necessary to craft 1 thing that will only give you 3 energy... using 1 energy to harvest... Most people use crowns to buy decor and not crafting items for quests
and NOT normal game play, so really, the links we provided helped Zynga, not harmed them! It kept you playing the game and helped you along the way. If you did
not have the links these last several months would you have kept playing? That's why we need your support. So remember to not play castleville on
August 28th, 2012. Thank you everyone for your support.

P.S Please those who come to our website for free links please come back and click blue words for us we need them in those hard times.
As soon we are able to make links we will as always.
Show your support and keep on clicking please even if no links.
We Need you to stay afloat and we thank you so much for your time and dedication

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