Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Castleville Game Quests Coal Free Rewards Gift Links November 29-30

Castleville Game Quests Coal Free Rewards Gift Links November 29-30


Castleville Game Coal is a natural resource in your Castleville kingdom. Coal can be randomly found by collecting from your Castleville Mining Camp or mining rocks. Faugrimm’s Scepter Parts Machine will also give coal at random times. The most common way to collect Coal is to ask your Castleville neighbors. Coal is used in crafting Rifting Scepters found in your Castleville Studio. Coal is used in crafting a Dragon Torch to light up the Dragon Cave your kingdom and the Steel Bar that is used in many crafts. You can find Coal links in your Facebook news feed as a reward at times but it is not a reliable source. The limit on Coal in your inventory is 50.
Castlevillle game quests free coal links are links that provide free coal to your castleville game.
coal is very useful , you need castle ville game free coal for many tasks, crafting many useful things in your castleville kingdom.
castleville game quests provides many free links and rewards and coal is one of them , that castleville game quests is able to make.
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When claiming castleville game free coal open few tabs , and when it says claimed successfully, reload those tabs, then it should say, you have responded to that reward, and then you will know for sure, that you have got the castleville game quests coal links.
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