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Castleville Free rewards Ice Chunk Links March 19-20

Castleville Free Ice Chunk Links March 19-20

Castleville Game Quests Ice Chunks Free Rewards Cheats Gift Links

The Castleville Ice Chunk can be obtained by banishing a Gloom Yeti invading your Castleville kingdom. Mining Icy Rock to clear your kingdom and requesting them from neighbors.

castleville ice chunks links
ice chunks links

In your Castleville kitchen, the Ice Chunk is used to make Ice Cream which can be consumed for 5 reputations and Fresh Coconut Sherbet which will speed up Royal Buildings by 60 minutes.  The Ice Chunk is used in your Castleville workshop  to craft Ice Picks, Master Ice Picks, Epic Ice Picks and the Icy Torch. Ice Chunks can be collected from your Facebook news feed when reward links are posted from your neighbors. Your Castleville inventory will max out at 50 Ice Chunks.
Castleville Info Tip 101:
If you get reward data missing, it means people clicking the links too fast, open 1-3 tabs only, when you get msg successfully claimed, refresh that page till you get you have responded to that request, if you get reward data missing, refresh that page till it says successfully claimed and then refresh again, till it says you have responded to that request, and your reward be in your inventory. Tip 102: When collecting have your game closed when done collecting log back to your game.
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Castleville ice chunks are good for 2 days.

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