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Castleville Game Dragon Cave Quests Guide

Castleville Game Dragon Cave Quests Guide

The Castleville Dragon Cave is overflowing with awesome treasures that can be found using the Mythium you've been collecting. Check out the quick guide below to find out how!

Castleville Game Dragon Cave Quests Guide

In order to unlock the treasures in the Dragon Cave you'll need to have Mythium. You can acquire Mythium from banishing Gloom Dragons or extracting it from Amythite Rocks. (If you run out Amythite Rocks, you can purchase new ones in the Market)

Castleville Game Dragon Cave Mythium Extraction Quests Guide

You'll need something magical to get the Mythium out of the Amythite Rocks without damaging it; craft Rifting Scepters in the Studio to do the job. You can click on the Amythite Rocks to use them.

Castleville Game Rifting Scepter Dragon Cave Quests Guide

Once you've reached the Dragon Cave by clearing away the Amythite Rocks in front of its entrance, just click on the Cave to begin. Use 2 Mythium to be granted access to the vast treasure inside!

Castleville Game Dragon Cave Rewards Quests Guide

Click on one of the treasure chests for your chance to find something exciting!

Castleville Game Dragon Cave Chest Rewards Quests Guide

If you've run out of Mythium, you can purchase Amythite Rocks in the Market, or buy Mythium for Crowns without leaving the Cave.
Castleville Game Baby Dragon Statue Cave Quests Guide

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