Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Castleville Game Quests Free Reward Links Giveaway

Castleville Game Quests Free Reward Links Giveaway

Castleville game quests runs a loyalty program, more you tweet, comment google+ , more points you earn.
Castleville game quests Points can be redeemed for energy links.
When ever you earn appropriate amount of points by visiting castlevillegamequests website , tweet the posts or google+
you can then redeem the points for your energy links, castleville energy links will be emailed to you upon redeeming your points, please allow 24 hours.
Castleville game quests Picture shows you how to enter and redeem your points. Click Earn more on our website and then go to catalog and redeem your points and your prize will be emailed to you either on Facebook or your email with in 24 hours
castleville game quests free energy links reward program
More you tweet, more you comment, more you google+ and visit, more points you earn. You are allowed to earn 500 points per day and are allowed 5 actions, 1 tweet, 1 visit, 1 comment on a post, 1 google+ and so on.
You can also earn badges.
Visit and enter to redeem http://castlevillegamequests.com/
Good luck.
Note: Rewards can change with out notice.

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