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Castleville Game FAQ

 Castleville Game FAQ

How to make the most progress in Castleville

To make quick progress in Castleville:
•    Use ENERGY wisely!
•    Concentrate on completing quests.  Don’t use all energy resources clearing trees and rocks.
•    Collect only necessary amount of materials.
•    Increase nobility by purchasing castle buildings. Castle expansions have nobility requirements before expansions are allowed.
•    Explore the gloom for big rewards!
•    Satisfy the needs of friendly subjects. Each character offers special rewards and provides helpful tips. 

How to produce wood faster in lumber camps?
Construct the lumber camp near some trees

How do buildings work?
Constructing buildings is a critical function in Castleville.  Completing buildings will expand crafting recipes, increase total nobility score and generate resources.

Important facts on earning the most from buildings:

•    Construct new buildings through the marketplace.
•    There are 4 different building types available:
o    Royal: Increase nobility, expand the kingdom and collect those taxes!
o    Crafting: Use materials to craft useful items.
o    Resource: Produce resource goods (wood, stone, ore).
o    House: Generate taxes, reward coins.
•    Concentrate on building Royal buildings first.  Royal buildings:
o    Reward nobility required for expansions.
o    Generate additional tax revenue and nobility as crew members tend buildings.
•    Build the 3 primary Crafting buildings:
o    Workshop: Use building materials and tools to forge items.
o    Kitchen: Cook consumable items with cooking recipes.
o    Studio: Craft decoration pieces and work orders.
•    Craft support buildings to unlock new recipes for primary crafting buildings and collect additional materials.
o    Explore the market place to unlock these buildings. Take note of level requirements or unlock with crowns.

Expanding into the gloom
Gain progress by constructing royal structures and expanding into the gloom. Requirements must be satisfied before expansions are unlocked.

Useful tips for successfully expansion:
•    Review all expansion requirements and costs.  Each gloomed area requires different resource amounts.
•    Exploration Gems are a key requirement for expansions. Keep a handy quantity in your inventory.
o    Remember! Exploration Gems are crafted from crystal shards. Fish and defeat beasties to gain crystal shards.

Earning Nobility / Building a Noble Castle
Collect nobility points to increase total nobility score, meet expansion requirements and upgrade castle looks.

Helpful tips when building a noble castle:
•    Royal buildings reward large amounts of nobility points.
•    Walls and gates offer small amounts of nobility points.
•    Focus on building Royal buildings when expansion is necessary.
•    Removing Royal buildings or gates and walls will decrease nobility score.
•    Place Royal buildings on castle ground to earn greater rewards.

How to enhance planting and crops
Planting and harvesting is good way to generate additional coin revenue and experience points during game play. Use the following helpful tips to optimize game play and use planting and harvesting to gain an advantage.

Helpful tips for fast planting and harvesting:
•    Extra farm plots can be purchased at the marketplace under the Nature tab.
•    Place farm plots next to ANY water source to speed up harvesting.
o    Water source examples: moats, wells, ponds
•    Crops wilt if cycle times have expired.
o    Wilt time is 3.5x grow time.
o    Example: Grapes are ready to harvest 5 minutes after being planted.  Grapes will wilt after an additional 17 minutes has passed.
•    Plant crops with high cycle times so they do not wilt.
•    Crops with short cycle times have a higher coin reward per cost ratio. 

How to hire crew members
Royal buildings have crew requirements before final construction can be completed. Hiring friends and neighbors for crew positions is recommended. Crew members have the ability to revisit royal buildings and collect a daily bonus rewards.

3 ways to hire crew members:
•    Send a request to a neighbor or Facebook friend.
•    Use a work order to hire a subject (crafted through the Studio).
•    Hire crew members directly using crowns.

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