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Castleville Game Support

Welcome to Castleville Support page. Here i would like to write some of the fixes that are implemented to be able to play the game. If you have any bug fixes of your own please share with us here. thank you for your support

Posts not publishing
It come to my attention that people have problems posting on to their walls , Like the requests for gifts to be able to pass the quests. Try this method

 Most of us are lurking around how we collect our gifts and how we are able to interact with our fellow players easily. Here's the info how to set up your facebook settings newsfeed! Feel free to comment below and Let us know if its works with you!

News Feed accumulates the Top News and Most Recent feeds. Check out both types to look for published Zynga game stories! If you believe that your feeds are not posting, please always double check your profile wall to see if the post is published there. If the feed is on your wall, then the post was successfully sent to Facebook.

CastleVille Newsfeed:

Facebook determines when posts are displayed on your News Feed.

Make sure that your settings are correct!To turn the publishing of stories for Zynga games ON or OFF:

1. Click on Account from the Facebook toolbar
2. Select Application Settings
3. Select Edit Settings next to the Zynga game
4. Select the Additional Permissions tab
5. Check or uncheck the "Publish content to my wall" check box.
6. Click on Okay

To unhide Zynga Games and Friends from your News Feed:

1. Please click on Facebook "Home" page.
2. Click on Top News.
3. Click on "Edit Options" at the bottom of your Facebook Home page corresponding to "Older posts". This should open the "Hidden from News Feed dialog box with tabs for Applications and Friends.
4. Click on "Application" Tab to view hidden Zynga games OR click on the "Friends" Tab to view hidden friends.
5. Now click on "Add to news feed" button next to the Zynga application or Friend.
6. Close the box and you're done!

Facebook Publishing Limits

Unfortunately, Facebook cannot provide any specifics on the rate limits that are enforced. We would like to inform you that the threshold at which you are warned for exceeding publish or request limits is not a specific number, but rather determined by different factors, such as speed, time, and quantity.If you were warned by Facebook about approaching the limit for sending friend requests, then they have determined that you were adding new friends too quickly. We would like to inform you that Zynga cannot assist you in Facebook related suspensions due to abuse of their policies and that abuse of Facebook features can result in your Facebook account being permanently disabled.It is a violation of Facebook's Terms of Use to repeatedly send the same message or to make the same post as it may be construed as spam. For this reason, Zynga purposefully limits the number of 'in game' gifts and/or friend/neighbor requests that you can send per day.If you have been warned for exceeding this Facebook limit, please do not send or post any more messages with the same or similar content. Spamming on Facebook will lead to your account being permanently disabled and Zynga will be unable to assist you in getting it back.

Lastly, to get your CastleVille Posts apearing on your main wall news feed try the following;

1. Go to your Facebook "Privacy Settings"
2. Edit settings for "Apps and Websites"
3. Edit settings for "Apps You Use"
4. Edit "CastleVille"
5. REMOVE "Post to Facebook as me

  •   I went to "privacy settings" at my Facebook, then to "apps and websites"
    At Castleville I clicked "edit" and removed the "Post to Facebook as me"

  • it basically removed the auto posting. 
It requires you reload your game for it to work (in case you do this with your game loaded)

I cant see my Friends posts on my main Facebook page

try this link here this link will show you all the posts your friends made in castleville game

Also when u get to see your friends posts click the left upper corner of the castleville post to make it a recent post highlighted or go on a main wall and sort your post by recent or by highlighted

If you have your own troubles let us know by posting and readers would be able to help out too
There is also a support zynga forum 

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