Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Castleville Gates

Castleville Gates

Castleville Game Quests Gates Free Rewards Gift Items Links January 2-3-4

castleville gates links
gates links

Castleville Castle Gates links are a great decoration for any Castleville kingdom. Castle Gates link up easily with rubble towers, rubble walls, short towers, embattlements, castle walls, stone walls and tall stone towers. There are many ways to place Castle Gates in your Castleville kingdom to make it unique. Castle Gates can be bought in the Castleville market for 40,000 coins and will increase your castle level by 3. Other than decoration, Castle Gates can be collected from links in the blog and sold for 8000 coins. There are no limits on how many Castle Gates you can have in your inventory. Castle gates are not offered as a reward link in your Facebook news feed. Castle gates are a reward for leveling up in some Royal buildings.
Once you grab you castleville game free gates please surf this site for a minutes or two.
Castleville game quests tries to make as much free links as possible so everyone can have few, claim as many as you wish, we always make more free links
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When claiming castleville game gates open few tabs , and when it says claimed successfully, reload those tabs, then it should say, you have responded to that reward, and then you will know for sure, that you have got the castleville game quests gates.
Castleville game gate links can be sold for 8,000 coins in your castleville kingdom game
castleville free gates
castleville free gates links castlevillegamequests original image

Castleville Info Tip 101:
If you get reward data missing, it means people clicking the links too fast, open 1-3 tabs only, when you get msg successfully claimed, refresh that page till you get you have responded to that request, if you get reward data missing, refresh that page till it says successfully claimed and then refresh again, till it says you have responded to that request, and your reward be in your inventory. Tip 102: When collecting have your game closed when done collecting log back to your game.
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castleville gates free rewards gift links
castleville gates free rewards gift links

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Castleville Gates Good For 2 Days.

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