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Silver Ore Cheats Rewards Gift Links

Castleville Silver Ore Cheats Rewards Gift Links

Castleville  Game Quests Silver Ore Free Cheats Rewards Gift Links January 18-20

You get Castleville game Silver Ore by collecting from Mining Camps. You can have a maximum of 50.

silver ore link logo
silver ore link logo
Castleville silver ore is used also to produce those Recipes Silver Arrows Lazy Spring.
Castleville Info Tip 101:
Information regarding reward data missing and all the glitches and loading issues…. read on…. and share , thank you
Hi everyone!
I wanted to give a quick (1/14) update regarding all of the issues that have been hitting us, primarily in the last week and generally further back then that.
Many of these issues stem from a singular issue that has reared its head numerous times in the last few weeks, and each time it does various problems arise and sometimes they’re not always the same things or affect the same people. But they all are related in one way or another for most of the issues that many of you are encountering. These issues can be:
White screen after loading — getting a full white screen after loading the game, seeing some pop ups, etc.
Feed posts getting “missing reward item” error (happening at a huge rate, higher than normal).
Requests not going through.
Visiting certain neighbors results in you getting stuck/unable to play.
Earlier a few weeks ago there also was an issue where a number of accounts were rolled back by a few weeks. These all stem from the same problem, but obviously the symptoms can be very different (as can be the results).
What’s happening generally is that we’re having some issues with hardware that’s responsible for running and operating the game. Random bits of game information is stored on them, so it could be your game storage info, random feeds and request data, and so forth. So when they have problems, that information may not be accessible. Which is pretty much what’s happening. Some of the servers are being extremely stubborn in not working properly and it’s been a struggle to get them working right. One in particular is being a real problem (which is what some of you were encountering since last Monday). This afternoon as I was writing this another server decided it didn’t want to work either.
Now there are backups for each of the servers so theoretically there shouldn’t be problems, but the backups have run into the same problems so switching to them hasn’t really fixed anything. So we are continuing to push our way through these problems. For today’s issue we think the backup should be ok, but it hasn’t been for the original case (well, for the most part).
There are a lot of servers out there so at any one time you can encounter one of these issues randomly, or if a random user was affected, everything from that user could be affected (on top of just random stuff being affected). Hopefully that makes sense. Generally the percentage is low (in the low single digits), but if you’re doing a lot of actions in any given session (or clicking on a ton of feeds/requests), you’ll probably encounter it before long.
So yes we’re still working on this issue. We know it’s been a huge headache for some of you. Once we get everything settled we’ll address what comes next. We appreciate your patience and will have a further update soon.
If you are having troubles with RDM ( Reward data missing ), you are not the only ones. This is a big problem with zynga,Sorry Guys and gals, My hand sear tied with this and since zynga has so many of their own server problems, it’s a zynga issue. The links arent RDM, it’s the server you are on that shows the links as such. Take care, and have a good day!!
Also look at the date the links ware posted, the links are only good for 2 days.

castleville reward data missing links
castleville reward data missing links

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