Monday, 28 November 2011

Castleville Game Animal and Crop Production

Castleville Game cheats hint and tips is where you can learn many useful things about the game.
When you start playing the game you will have to farm, tend to your animals, tend to royal buildings and of course like in any zynga game visit your neighbors.

When you buy your animals from a market they will be baby animals, you will have to grow them to become adults. To see more information about the animals simply go to Castleville Animal Feed and Growth Guide
One way to grow them fast is to have them fenced in and  have a water trough placed inside with the animals.
The pictures below will show you how to grow your animals faster

castleville animal cow fence
Or you can have your animals near the pond but if they are not fenced in they will walk around and when they are not near the water they wont be getting the 10% faster growth

The same concept is for growing your crops, place the farm plot near the water and it becomes irrigated plot witch means you will produce faster. Plus if you have a wishing well near it you can get the 20% faster

castleville game grow crops

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