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Castleville Game Rafael Quest Guide

Rafael: The Rugged Woodsman

Castleville Zynga Rafael is a handsome man. Men want to be him. Women want to be with him. Castle Ville Rafael talks at length about his past. Many of his adventurous tales are true. Some strain credibility. No one is entirely sure which is which, but that mystery only deepens the legend of Zynga Castleville  Rafael on Facebook.

Castleville Game Rafael Quest Guides

In Castleville game when characters ask for gifts like wood club, or grape juice, it means you need to reach a higher level for the quests to be available

Quest Title: Good foundations
Place the house for foundation for new subject
Build Rafael's house to add him to your kingdom
Tax Rafael's house
reward: 500 coins 4xp


  1. I am slightly ahead of you it seems, so I'll help add some advanced quests. I just finished Yvette's Quest 6 and starting Quest 7, so I will start there. Quest 6 had you making or buying 8 "Wooden Fences", and feeding 1 Cow on 4 different friend's farms, like Rafael's quest.
    Yvette's Quest 7 (of 11): For the Birds:
    Our fences created a Gloom-free haven for all, from the birds to... Oh. Forgot the birds.

    Place 3 Trees (bought from the marketplace under Nature tab)

    Buy 1 Bird House (bought in marketplace for 4500)

    Water 6 Saplings (water each of the 3 new baby trees you just bought, twice).


    I'm saving up to expand my land towards the greyed out woman, and need 25,000. I have 6 exploration crystals made already, and will let you know if I open any quests that way. I also would like to suggest to people to "be smart" since you are reading this and will know ahead of time: Yvette's "Harvest 20 Wheat quest" and Alastair's "Harvest 20 Wheat quest" will line up perfectly and you will get credit for both quests, as long as you take your time with Yvette's wheat, and not harvest until you "catch up" in Alastair's quest line. Unfortunately for me, I'm more "gung ho" and move fast through quests, and as a premier player here on "Day One", and "Week One", I do not have the foresight and knowledge of future quests, so I JUST finished harvesting Yvette's 20 wheat when Alastair's quest came for his, so that's where I am at now. I will be finished my 16 wheat I need yet in about 18 minus all my neighbors helping out come morning/afternoon.

    Feel free to add me, Steve Macola, you'll see "Dragonsi's Den" as my picture banner, and I have about 1500 friends.

  2. thank you dragon i am almost there too:) but i am taking my time with quests, it seems when u take time u will actually go further then just rushing:) just my opinion. thank you for posting and giving the insight very much appreciated.

  3. Thank you for that fast reply! As promised, I just opened the Northern, 3rd from the left square that has the "Rubble Tower" in it, and cost me $25,000. When I clicked on "Sonja's?" square, she is quest locked, so that was all in vain.

    We probably have to either finish Alastair's questline, or Yvette's or be a certain level for her's to start automatically.

    And as long as you don't mind, I'll be glad to post the quests I'm ahead on in full detail? I'm home all day and enjoy this with it's medieval theme.

  4. all i know so far is to be careful with expending and do characters first like Alastair, first is the king then its Yvette then Rafael and then Alastair and so on and on i do all these characters one by one , for example i do Yvette then i go to Rafael then to wizard Alastair and so on:)

  5. Rafael's Quest 6 of 10: Warning Signs!
    The Grog, it did nothing! The image of the lady still haunts me! We must place signs, or others may join her, encased in the grim fog!

    Have 20 Wooden Logs, to make wooden warning signs.

    Use 1 Super Chop from your inventory and chop a tree.

    Clear 3 Tree Stumps from Neighboring Kingdoms to encourage them to put up signs and not stub toes.

    I finally finished my Kitchen, to make Bubbly Grog, you need 5 Pails of Water, and 5 Orge's Belch, and it takes 13 minutes to craft, minus 10% if you put dirt (or any) courtyard under your building first.

    Now the interesting thing about Super Chop is, you can craft it in your Workshop but you need Blacksmithing building, to make the grindstone and also the iron bars, OR you can buy 1 in the marketplace for 20 Rep Hearts if you don't have your Blacksmith Building even started yet, which is what I did.

  6. seems like u r zooming thru the game :) nice , i got to keep up:)

  7. That one only took me 10 minutes to do. I bought my Super Chop with Rep hearts, and had most of the wood and found 3 neighbors quickly who had partial trees cut 75% of the way already, so I needed less than 5 energies to finish the stump.

    Rafael's quest #7 of 10: Send in the Dummy!
    Maybe the Gloom traps anyone who enter, including the lady. I will venture in to test it. Remember me!

    Change your Character's outfit, to put on a dummy.

    Have 7 Beeswax to create a wax dummy of Rafael.

    Have 3 Flasks to fill with the scent of Rafael. (Post to your wall request).


    I already have 7 Beeswax, and 1 Flask, this should take me 10 minutes or less again, and I'm not even rushing, I just have that many Castleville friends on my list.

  8. 10 Minutes, quick and easy.

    Rafael's Quest #8 of 10: Spread the Word!
    It's true! The Gloom is a trap! Wax dummies don't lie. We must send courage to the imprisoned lady!

    Have 3 Love Letters. (Post to your wall request)

    Unwither 1 crop in 3 different Neighbor's Kingdoms.

    Earn 20 Reputation Hearts.


    This will take a little longer. I suggest you communicate with your neighbors on your FB wall, and ask for volunteer's to plant 5 minute grapes.

  9. thank you dragon:) for all your input, it really helped to be prepared:)

  10. Sure Raccoon. I have $22,000 right now, and 4-5-6 finished crystals, and would do the 1st Northern square that costs $17,000 but now I'm on 9 of 10, and I'm guessing Sonja will take over her quests after we do #10, so I'm waiting and not using any exploration crystals or money.

    The reward amount for Rafael's Quest #8 was: 750 coin, and 15 EXP. 1 Tip: I found 3 players from 2 days ago who haven't played yesterday. I found dead carrots and flax, but no dead grapes. I had 3 friend's plant grapes, and now, 2 hours later, they are still alive! Lol, grapes aren't following "Farmville's wither rule" that's for sure!

    Rafael's Quest #9 of 10: A Noble Cause.
    The Gloom, it wavered before your nobility! Build your kingdom, and this Mirthless Mirk will fall. Eh, I hope.

    Buy 3 Brick or Cobblestone Courtyards to pave the way to the stranger. (1 Brick Courtyard costs 300 times 3 = 900, 1 Cobblestone costs 2 Rep Hearts, times 3 = 6 Rep Hearts)

    Buy 3 Lanterns to light the way from the Gloom. (1 Lantern in Marketplace costs 1600, times 3 = 4800)

    Raise your Castle Level by 20 points to better face the Gloom.

  11. Rewards for Rafael's Quest #9: 750 coins, 15 EXP.

    Rafael's Quest # 10 of 10: The Mysterious Stranger
    It is time. Let us cut into the Gloom and bring home our beautiful, mysterious stranger! Ahem, how do I look?

    Find and Rescue the Mysterious Stranger and her House from the Gloom. (Rafael said he last caught a glimpse of the Stranger and her House while standing on a Bridge by the River).

  12. Ok so I woke up now, and completed Rafael's quest 10 of 10. Sonja's square requirements are: 280 Castle, 6 crystals, $35,000. The rewards are: 1000 coins, 20 XP, and a Wooden Horse Statue.

    Now, out of curiosity, I click on Rafael after his quests are finished, and it says Rafael wants a gift! A Grape Juice would really make me happy!

    Sonja's Quest #1 of 11 : Digging It
    I'm glad you're all aboard! First things first - we'll need some treasure-hunting equipment.

    Buy 1 Shovel to dig up the Treasure Chest.

    But 1 Barrel to haul dirt.

    Have 5 Spyglasses to search for treasure. (Post to your wall item request).

    She also pops up and says: After my shipwreck, I hid some treasure around your Kingdom. But now they're lost in the Gloom. If you get your hands on my booty, I'll share it with you.

  13. Digging it finished. Her comment: With equipment like yours, my bounty will be plundered! Rafael will be jealous! 500 coins, 10 XP.

    Sonja's Quest 2 of 11: Shard Work
    We've got our treasure-hunting equipment, now we need to banish some of Old Gloomy's beasties!

    Use 1 Rat Potion to summon one of Old Woeful's nasty Gloom Rats.

    Banish 1 Gloom Rat.

    Gather 3 additional Crystal Shards by Banishing Beasties or asking your friends.


    As a side note, this works well with my current Yvette's quest of having 2 beasties. I had to kill 1 Rat, it was in a bad spot where visitors were trying to water my plants, so I killed it. I leveled up to 10, found one Wolf, and spent about 27 Energies, plus 9 I had saved up, and no other rats appeared. So I can make the potion, and summon a rat for Yvette's quest as well.

  14. I'd also like to mention, I made a Grape Juice, for Alastair's Quest #3 that you have posted, and gave it to Rafael, as per his request once his quests are finished. He gave me 1000 coins, and then nothing happens when you click on him. Perhaps, my guess is, once NPCs quest lines are finished, they will randomly ask for gifts once a day, for you to craft, and will reward you with money or items and will ask again the next day. Unfortunately, since I didn't "use from inventory" it didn't give me credit for the quest also, so I had to make another Grape Juice for myself, which added 1 1/2 hours to my quest time. I'm starting quest #4 now.

  15. Alastair's Quest 4 of 20: Clear Intentions Rewards: 500 coin, 10 XP.

    This next one is so easy, mostly. I'm 2/3 finished it now.

    Alastair's Quest 5 of 20: A Good Foundation
    You must grow both yourself and your Castle. Only then will you be able to complete the Great Hall.

    Prove your knowledge, Reach player Level 9.

    Get your Castle to 125.

    Place and construct the foundation of the Great Hall.


    I'm level 10, and my Castle is 398. They actually give you the Great Hall free in your inventory. Items needed: 15 Stone and 15 Logs. (no one needed to crew it). So I finished it in 1 minute, lol since I had plenty of supplies already.

  16. Reward: the normal 500 coins and 10 XP.

    Alastair's Quest 6 of 20: Tower Defense
    Now that you got a start on your Great Hall, you need to construct fortifications to defend it.

    Have 16 Rubble Walls to protect your Castle.

    Build a Moat for your Castle (buy 4 moats from Marketplace)

    Have 5 Dragon Scales to make shields. (post to wall for item request).


    I already had 15/16 walls, since I claimed about 8 free ones from wall postings, and the wall posting won't take long with my friends, I already claimed 1 earlier.

  17. i think Yvettes quests are done when i bought her a button for 10 crown points and when i click her no more quests comes up, so i think she is done, by the way can you share this section of a site by pressing facebook on a bottom, thx dragon:)

    i had problem posting but zynga has fixed it for me , so its all good now, i be back in few hours:) once again thank you for the heads up:)

  18. Alastair's Quest #7 Reward: the normal 500 coins and 10 XP.

    Alastair's Quest #8 of 20: Fortified
    You've made a good start on fortifying your Kingdom, but there's more to be done!

    Have 2 Barracks.

    Collect coins to build the Castle. Tax the Barracks 3 times.


    I had 1 Barracks ready to collect, and already owned 2 of them, so it's a mandatory 12 hour wait to collect from both of my Barracks again.

    I finished Sonja's Quest 2: 750 coins and 15 XP.

    Sonja's Quest 3 of 11: Shards and Crafts
    Beasties have their uses, after all. We can craft an Exploration Crystal from the Crystal Shards they dropped!

    Craft 1 Exploration Crystal to dispel the Gloom.

    Collect coins 5 times from Neighbor's Kingdoms houses.

    Collect 1000 coins so you can explore!


    Very easy one for me. If you currently have more than 1000 coins, it already counts that (just don't go below 1000 until you finish the quest because it will take credit away), and 5 Neighbor's houses will only take me a minute to do and I had 2 Exploring Crystals already being made randomly. I make them constantly once I have 3 shards.

    Finished in 2 minutes since I had 2 crystals waiting to be collected. Reward: 750 coins, 1 XP.

    Sonja's Quest #4 of 11: Protection
    We can't leave the Kingdom unprotected from the Dark One's schemes while we are treasure hunting. How about some walls and a Moat?

    Have 20 Rubble Walls to protect your Kingdom.

    Place 4 Moats to form a barrier. (The other 4 from a previous quest do not count for me, I have to buy 4 new ones now)

    Visit 3 neighboring Kingdoms to check out their fortifications.


    Easy quest, I have 17/20 Rubble Walls to begin with. Visiting 3 neighbors will only take 3-4 minutes. Buying 4 Moats (400 each for a total of 1600) will only take a minute.

    Yvette's Quest #10 rewards: 750 coins and 15 XP.

    Yvette's Quest #11 of 11: Beastie Banishment
    Alastair says the Beasties are minions of the Gloom Lord! I hate to say it, but they got to go!

    Re-arm the Kingdom, craft 3 Wooden Clubs.

    Banish the 2 Beasties, Gus will be happy!


    Sonja's Quest #4 Rewards: 1000 coins, 20 XP.

    Sonja's Quest #5 of 11: Scare Beastie
    A decoy Beastie might scare the real ones away. Let's build one, then go after my treasure!

    Explore to find Sonja's Treasure Chest. It's hidden by dragon bones to scare the Thieves away! (It's the first Northern column, 2 rows up, to the left of Sonja's house. It cost: Castle Level:380, 6 Exploring Crystals, and $48.000! I'm currently at $21,000 of it now.)

    Collect 3 Gloom Wolf Hairs to for 3 Beastie decoys.

    Have 2 Royal Jewels for the decoy Beastie's eyes. (post to your wall item request).

  19. I have shared this via Facebook button, and have also promoted it overnight as I played, to my friend's list. I didn't finish Yvette #11, someone killed my Wolf when I accepted their help. No big deal though, if the button is last, I'll wait until I buy the Tailor Shop at level 13 and make one with 6 animal bones. I was actually typing one long post above, and saved it for 2 hours. I'm currently at $32,000 of my $48,000 that I need to buy Sonja's treasure square. And because I "skipped over" the easy 2-3 low price squares that everyone else has now, I'm quickly running out of room for new buildings, lol. Once I open this one, maybe I'll buy the one with the Maypole for $2,000, or the one for $5,000, since I don't own either of those yet.

  20. Thank you dragon:) your posts here actually helped me i missed to write down the one quest but i copied yours here hihihi:) thank you very much appreciated:)

  21. I opened the Sonja's Treasure Square for $48,000 and completed the quest.

    Sonja's Quest #5 Rewards: a whopping 3250 coins and 65 XP!

    Sonja's Quest #6 of 11: Stuck in the Mud
    Arrgh! My treasure chest is stuck in the mud. Get some Rope - I'll keep an eye out for Beasties!

    Have 5 Rope, to haul the Treasure Chest out of the mud. (1 Rope is 5 Flax, 25 total, so plan ahead and grow some, 5 minutes crafting time, 25 total).

    Have 1 Cow to use as a counterweight. (It does not specify if it has to be an ADULT Cow or if a Baby Cow will suffice. I already had 4 Adult Cows and it counted).

    Open the Treasure!


    It took all of 12 minutes, since I had 50 Flax.

    Sonja's Quest #6 Rewards: 1000 coins, 20 XP. (We don't find out what's in it yet!)

    Sonja's Quest #7 of 11: Take a Break
    Now that we got the Chest, we can relax. But sell the Cow...she know's too much!

    Have 2 Flasks to hold Sonja's best grog. (post to wall item request)

    Go fishing in Neighboring Kingdoms to relax. Fish 5 times.

    Sell the Cow. She knows too much! (You only get 150 coins for an Adult Cow! That sucks!)


    It took all of 10 minutes to go fishing, since I had 3 Flasks leftover from my previous wall postings etc.

    Sonja's Quest #7 Rewards: 1000 Coins, 20 XP.

    Sonja's Quest #8: Sonja's Chest
    Arrgh! I can't find the key to the chest. We'll have to break the lock!

    Have 2 Hammers to break the lock on the Chest. (Crafting requires

    Have 5 Dragon Scales. They might be tough enough to break the lock. (post to wall item request)

    Smash that Treasure Chest's Lock!


    It's taking me awhile for this one. I had to build a Blacksmith shop from scratch, luckily, I already randomly had an Anvil crafting, out of boredom, seeing as how all 3 Workshops were free and I saw that took 9 hours. I have about 1 hour until my 2nd Hammer is finished now.

  22. It took 12 hours to finish Alastair's Quest #8. Rewards: 500 coins, 10 XP.

    Alastair's Quest #9 of 20: Outer Beauty
    A true Kingdom is both powerful and beautiful. Spruce things up to inspire your subjects to fight the Gloom.

    Buy 3 Decorations to cheer up the Kingdom.

    Buy 3 Nature items to fight the Gloom.

    Have 6 Fairy Wings. The dust makes everything sparkle! (post to your wall item request)


    This is a quick quest, should take 10 minutes or so.

    Alastair's Quest #8 Rewards: 500 coins, 10 XP.

    Alastair's Quest #9: Castle Improvements
    You must earn the right to continue building the Great Hall. Show your subjects that you are worthy!

    Show your experience. Reach Level 11.

    Get your Castle to 200.

    Continue construction of the Great Hall. (You need 8 Wooden Planks, and 8 Stone Blocks. 6 pieces for 1 plank or block = 48 logs & 48 stones and 80 minutes of crafting time, cut down greatly if you have 3 Workshops like I do)


    I'm already 11 1/2, and my Castle is 204.

    That took about 40 minutes.

    Alastair's Quest #9 Rewards: 1000 coins, 10 XP.

    Alastair's Quest #10: Cultural Awareness
    You have given your subjects shelter and protection. Keep them happy. Construct a Studio to provide culture and entertainment.

    Construct a Studio to enhance your Kingdom's culture.

    Craft 4 Artistry recipes from your Studio.

    Besides crafting decorations, you can also buy them. Go buy 2 decorations and place them in your Kingdom.


    Well, I don't have a studio, but I do have $22,000 currently, so guess what I'm going to do with that? lol. This might take an hour or 2, depending on how long construction is and the shortest recipes, time-wise.


    Sonja's Quest #8 Reward: 1750 coins, and 35 XP.

    Sonja's Quest #9: Melt the Lock

    If we can't break the lock, maybe we can melt it! Some Orge's Belch should do the trick.

    Arrgh! Tear up 5 Grass in frustration.

    Gather 10 Ogre's Belch to melt the lock.

    Melt the lock on the Treasure Chest!


    Easy quest. I have about 55 Ogre's Belchs the way it is.

    Sonja's Quest #9 Reward: 1000 coins, 20 XP.

    Sonja's Quest #10 of 11: Pick the Lock
    Maybe we can pick the lock open...after clearing up those stinky Ogre's Belches!

    Have 7 Fairy Wings to waft the stench away. (post wall item request)

    Gather 5 Animal Bones to pick the chest's lock.

    Try to open the chest.


    Well, I can't repost the Fairy Wing request for 4 more hours since it was used in a previous quest not long ago and I didn't have any extra Wings left over and the current link is dead, all out. This will take 4 more hours, just to get a new Fairy Wing link to post on my wall.

  23. now i cant catch up to you ,lol sonja quest number 10? thats far lol, i am running out of space here lol.i be gona for a weekend so i get updated when i get back and then for sure i be way behind lol. wish you good night or day:)

  24. Alastair's Quest #10 Rewards: 1000 coins, 10 XP.

    Alastair's Quest #11 of 20: Feeling Crafty
    If it's a thriving Kingdom you want, I suggest you ramp up your manufacturing with a new crafting building.

    Build 1 new Crafting Building for your Kingdom.

    Craft 6 items for your Kingdom.

    Gather Supplies for your Castle. Collect from 7 Crafting Support Buildings.


  25. Sonja's Quest #10 Rewards: 1000 coins, 20 XP.

    Sonja's Quest #11 of 11: Sonja's Booty
    That Foul Wretch's Thieves are trying to steal our treasure! Hurry and banish them!

    Sell 1 Diamond. (I had 4 on me already, 1 sold for 1000 coins.)

    Banish 2 Thieves before they steal the treasure! (they automatically appear where ever you are standing at, and have 7 Hit Points each. I used 2 Wooden Clubs on each, the 1 extra hit for a total of 6 Energy for both of them.

    Sonja's Quest #11 Rewards: 1000 Coins, 20 XP
    There was also a Diamond, and a "Skull and Crossbones" in the chest, which she said she will use later. I'm not sure if anything else was in the chest, my Facebook Quest posting popped up over it and I saw the Diamond and 1000 coins for the quest, and read that she said it was the Skull and Crossbones.

    Now that her quests are finished, she asked for a Bubbly Grog. I had one in my inventory and she gives you 1000 coins. This is a Daily Quest, that will come each day. I'm not sure if it will be the same item, but you always seem to get 1000 coins for what you craft for them. 2 days in a row, Rafael asked for Grape Juice.

    I now only have the last 8 quests of Alastair's as of right now, and am level 12. You need 575 to reach level 13 (2800 experience points total).

  26. Wow, that took 2 full days to finish. Alastair's Quest #11. Only Blacksmith and Mills count towards the "Collect from 7 Craft Supporting Buildings" and Blacksmith produces 1 Nail every 36 hours, and Mill only produces 1 Flour every 12. Of course you have visitors speed that up for you.

    Alastair's Quest #11 of 20 Rewards: 1000 coins, 20 XP

    Alastair's Quest #12 of 20: Peasant Dreams
    Your subjects will love the new crafting building. Wait, how many subjects do you have?

    Shelter 4 subjects from the Gloom. (I already have Yvette, Rafael, Alastair, and Sonja, so I was finished this part already)

    Craft 5 Grape Juice to celebrate with your subjects. (I already had 5 finished, to give to Rafael for his Daily Quest, whenever he asks for one, but they didn't count when the quest opened. You have to start crafting them from scratch. 1 Grape Juice = 10 Grapes, 5 Pails of Water, 1 1/2 Hours crafting time. So all together you need: 50 Grapes and 25 Pails of Water, and 7 1/2 hours crafting time)

  27. I just finished 2 Vaults and a 2nd Kitchen now. I had $65,000 saved up, and opened Isadora's square, bottom row, middle, and the requirements are: 500 Castle Points, 6 Crystals, $62,000.

    Isadora's Quest #1 of 10: New Scene (Her Quest series name is: Party Girl)
    My wagon is mobile, but it's AWFULLY heavy. Can you help me move it in?

    Move Isadora's Wagon into your Kingdom.

    Change your Character's Outfit to fit the new fall fashion.

    Have 2 Flower Boxes to make your Kingdom more beautiful. (I already owned 1 from a previous quest, and it counts)


    Isadora's Quest #1 of 10 Rewards: 500 coins, 10 XP

    Isadora's Quest #2 of 10: Drab to Fab
    You really fixed up this place. Old Gloom and Doom must be so mad! Now you just need some COLOR!

    Tend Flowers one time each, in 3 different Neighbor's Kingdoms.

    Buy 6 Flowers to add a splash of color to your Kingdom.

    Have 7 Regal Hoes to tend your new garden. (post to wall item request, luckily, I helped a lot of others out, and already had 7 that counted for this).

    Isadora's Quest #2 of 10 Rewards: 1000 coins, 20 XP

    Isadora's Quest #3 of 10: Shopping Spree
    I'm all settled in my, -- er, YOUR -- Kingdom. Let's check out the best part of any Kingdom, the MARKET!

    Get a new style. Buy a shirt.

    Those pants are so yesterday. Buy a new pair.

    Everyone looks better in a new hat. Buy one.


  28. Isadora's Quest #3 of 10 Rewards: 500 coins, 10 XP.

    Isadora's Quest #4 of 10: BFFs
    No more shopping to do. I'm BORED. What I need is a BEST FRIEND! But who? Sonja or Yvette?

    Have 2 Bubbly Grog for Sonja. She does like her drink!

    Feed 10 Animals for Yvette.

    Have 5 pretty Fairy Wings to give to the gal pals. (post to wall for item request)


  29. Isadora's Quest #4 Rewards: 1000 coins, 20 XP

    Isadora's Quest #5 of 10: VAY-CAY
    Your Kingdom is way comfier than the cold Gloom. But I am SO ready for a VACATION!

    Visit Neighbors 5 times to plan Izzy's trip.

    Prep for the trip by performing 2 Neighbor actions.


    Quick and easy, should take all of 5 minutes for anyone to do.

    Isadora's Quest # Rewards: 1000 coins, 20 XP

    Isadora's Quest #6 of 10: Perfect Pet
    My vacation spot was so exclusive that I got lonely. I know! I need a pet I can take EVERYWHERE!

    Have 5 Mystery Meat to lure the Mink.

    Gather 10 Eggs to feed the Mink.

    Craft 1 Bedding for Izzy's new pet.


    This is going to take awhile for the Bedding. I am level 13 now, and opened the Tailor Shop, so I'm buying it now and have to build it first. The the craft time.

  30. Alastair's Quest #12 of 20 Rewards: 1500 coins, 30 XP

    Alastair's Quest #13 of 20: Get Resourceful
    With all these subjects, you'll need more resources to build your Castle.

    Build a source for wood. Own 2 Logging Camps.

    Gain access to more stone. Own 2 Mining Camps.

    Make good use of your new buildings. Gather 20 times from mines and lumber mills.


    Wow! This will be longer and harder. I only one 1 Lumber Camp right now, and will have to buy 1 and 2 Mining Camps just to start this. 1 Camp takes 6 hours to make 5 logs, but the more trees you surround the Logging Camp with, it takes 10% off of production time, with a maximum of 5 trees for 50% equals 3 hours. The same goes with Mining Camps, surround it with 5 rocks to cut down to 3 hours.

    Gather 20 times will take quite awhile, even at 3 hours with no help, that's 60 hours, divided by 4 camps, about 15 hours minimum.

  31. Alastair's Quest #13 Rewards: 1500 coins, 30 XP.

    Alastair's Quest #14 of 20: Even Greater

    Reach Level 13.

    Get your Castle to 300.

    Continue Construction on the Great Hall. (you need 3 Iron Bars, 5 Hammers, 5 Coat of Arms (this is a personal item request you have to send out))


    I was already Level 13 1/2, and my Castle was 710. I already randomly made Iron Bars ahead of time, and had 3/5 Hammers. I just had to make 2 more Hammers, and mail out my Coat of Arms requests.

    Alastair's Quest #14 of 20 Rewards: 1000 coins, 20 XP

    Alastair's Quest #15 of 20: Earn Your Keep
    The Gloom Maker will soon lash out against you by attacking your subjects. Construct stronger homes and earn even more coins for your Kingdom.

    Sell an Old Cottage. (What?? Grrr.)

    Construct a new Chateau. (Ok, better.)

    Gather more coins for your Castle. Tax 20 Houses.


    Easy, should take me less than 1 hour, especially with 5 minute Cottages, and I have about 4 of them now.

  32. Alastair's Quest #16 Rewards: 1000 coins, 20 XP

    Alastair's Quest #17: Vault-Y Tower
    All those Coins, and you don't have a Vault yet? You're braver than I thought.

    Protect your coins! Buy a Vault for your Kingdom.

    Earn more coins, Tax the Vault 3 times.


    The title is a joke on the British tv series "Faulty Towers" that was on back in the 90s I believe.

    This will take awhile to do, especially since a Vault's timer is 18 hours. I collected BOTH my Vaults 6 hours ago, so I have 2 Vaults that have 12 hours left, plus will have to do it once more after that 18 hours later. I already have 2 Throne Rooms also built, so I'm way ahead.

    I'm still stuck for Bedding. Geese do not open up until Level 15 and I just turned 14 now.

  33. i have to say you are good:) in this week i have little time to play or update the blog, but in evening time i try do it, now it will take me few days to catch up lol, thank you once again for posting. i will build my crafting shops and start crafting things so i will try get ahead too:)

  34. Dragon are you done all the quests already?

  35. thanks soo much for the information. i want to find out more on izadora's quest. looks like u need 3 geese feather to make a bedding. that will take a long time to raise a geese to adult

  36. I have completed the Send in the Dummy quest and I can't find the dummy! It is be found

  37. Tara the dummy is located in your inventory


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