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Castleville Game Princess Yvette Quest Guide

Castleville Game Yvette Quest Guides

Castleville lovely princess called Yvette was introduced in Castle Ville at the beginning of Zynga castleville game. Castleville game Yvette role in the world of Castle Ville is a major one and there are plenty of  quests she has planned for you.

Castleville Game Yvette Quest Guides

Castleville biography tells us , she is the youngest of three sisters. When she was young she got separated from her family and left alone in the dark woods. A woodsman found her and adopted her. She was raised by the woodsman and his wife – a siren. Her musical abilities she gained from her step mother, her step father taught her to love all living things.
When ever Yvette starts singing, all animals around her flock to listen to her voice. She is always cluttered by gifts brought by the animals affectionate by her songs.
Unfortunately, when the Gloom covered the lands, Yvette was separated from her parents once again. Even though her parents were taken by the mysterious cloud of the Gloom, she managed to escape and find a small place to live, in one of the last Kingdoms in Castle Ville.

Castleville Game Yvette Quests

Quest Title: 14 carrots
Plant 14 carrots
Have 14 carrots to feed bunnies
Visit a neighbor and accelerate 1 crop in their kingdom
Reward: 500 coins, 4xp

Quest Title: Chicken lover
Feed 4 chickens. ( buy 4 chickens and feed them)
Harvest 16 Flax ( Flax is a crop that you need to plant and harvest it )
Reward: 500 coins, 10xp

Quest Title: Bird Feeder
Plant 10 wheat
Feed 8 chickens in your neighboring kingdom ( visit your friends kingdom and feed their chickens)
Reward: 375 coins, 3xp

Quest Title: A Bit Bullish
Buy 2 baby cows
Have 20 wheat to feed your animals ( harvest wheat )
Reward: 750 coins, 15xp

Quest Title: Fence me in
Have 8 wooden fences to keep the animals safe
Move 2 cows
Feed 1 cow in 2 different neighbors kingdoms 
Reward: 500 coins, 10xp

Quest Title: For the birds
Place 3 tress ( buy sapling trees )
Buy 1 bird house ( buy in a decor tab of the market )
Water 6 saplings ( buy saplings from the nature tab of the market )
Reward: 500 coins, 10xp

Quest Title: Peace is the answer
Have 1 workshop in your kingdom
Have 3 wooden Clubs
Sell 3 wooden clubs
Reward: 750 coins, 15xp

Quest Title: Beastie Collection
Let 2 beasties live in your kingdom
Buy 1 Keep off sign to protect the beasties from visitors
Reward: 750 coins, 15xp

Quest Title: Beastie Confection 
Keep 2 beasties safe a bit longer
Move 5 animals away from besties
Get 4 mystery meat to feed the hungry beastes
Reward: 750 coins, 15xp

Quest Title: Beastie Banishment
Rearm the kingdom, craft 3 wooden clubs
Banish the 2 beasties
Reward: 1000 coins, 20xp

Quest Title: Buy a Button for Yvette 
( 10 crown points ) or( build a studio and craft them there )

Quest Title: Heavy Lifting 
Have 30 wood logs for curling
Have 30 stones
Get 3 regal hoes
Reward:  1500 coins, 30xp

Quest Title: Stiff as a board
Have 10 wood planks
Have 3 gold Bricks
Have 1 kitchen for your kingdom
Reward: 1000 coins, 20xp

Quest Title:  Growing up
Feed your chickens 16 times
Feed 1 chicken to an adult status
Help your neighbors animals grow. Feed 9 neighbor animals
Reward: 1500 coins, 30xp

Quest Title: Hungry like a gloom wolf
Have 10 eggs
Fish 10 times to gather water
Cook 2 hard-boiled eggs
Reward: 1500 coins, 30xp

Quest Title: Purple Drink
Harvest 20 grapes
Have 5 pail of water
Make 2 grape juice
Reward: 1000 coins, 20xp, 1 practice dummy

Quest Title: Flies to honey
Clear 7 grass to help Yvette find a frog to kiss
Fish 10 times in neighbor's kingdom to try and catch a frog
Collect 15 honey to help make the kiss less gross
Reward: 1000 coins, 20xp

Quest Title:  Beauty Rest
Have 1 cotton cloth for Yvette's bed sheets
Have 1 wood club to knock Yvette out
Have 2 love letters so Yvette can send them to a prince
Reward: 1750 coins, 35xp

Quest Title:  Siren Song
Collect 15 bass for a mermaid costume ( bass can be fished out from a pond )
Collect 2 shells to make a bikini top.
Have 4 royal jewels for Yvette's mermaid costume.
Reward: 1500 coins, 30xp

Quest Title:  Hairy Tale
Own a second Maiden's tower for Yvette to hang her hair out of.
Have 7 gloom wolf hair so Yvette can have really long hair
Have 2 dye kits so Yvette's roots aren't showing
Reward: 1750 coins, 35xp

Quest Title:Spinning Wheels
Collect from 1 house in 3 unique neighbor's kingdoms to discover the man's name
Have a tailor so Yvette has somewhere to work
Have 20 wheat bundles to spin into gold
Reward: 1500 coins, 30xp

Quest Title: The Fairest One 
Construct 1 mining camp
Collect from a mining camp 3 times
Have 1 iron pick so the short miners can work
Reward: 3250 coins, 65xp, 1 hyper craft

Quest Title: If the Shoe Fits 
Have 2 Cotton Cloth for a Gown. Yvette needs a new dress anyway.
Collect 8 Sand to make a glass slipper for Yvette's slipper scheme.
Visit 1 Friend's Kingdom to take Yvette to the ball.
Reward:  3250 coins, 65xp

Quest Title: Hoodwinked
Have 1 Thief Cloak to venture into the woods with.
Have 25 Tomatoes to color the cloak red and guard against skunks.
Have 5 Mystery Meat so Yvette has something to take to Grannie.
Reward: 2000 coins, 40xp

Quest Title: The Savage Beast 
Clobber Gloom Wolves 10 times to find one suitable to change into a Prince.
Have 3 Rope to tie the Gloom Wolf up so Yvette can find her prince. Kinky!
Have 1 Cotton Leggings so the beast has pants to wear.
Reward:  2500 coins, 50xp

Quest Title: Career Woman 
Have 1 Wool Tunic so Yvette has new clothes while she's on the road.
Have 1 Cotton Leggings for Yvette to wear during her tour.
Tour 5 Unique neighbors' Kingdoms to help promote Yvette.
Reward: 3250 coins, 65xp

Quest Title: Color Girl 
Buy 5 Peacocks for Yvette's new show. It sounds exotic!
Have 2 Dye Kits so Yvette can make everything colorful.
Have 8 Fairy Wings to really add some flair to her outfits.
Reward:  2500 coins, 50xp  

Quest Title: Wild Thing
Have 1 Leather Pants for Yvette's hot new show.
Have 1 Iron Bar so Yvette can make a collar for her show.
Tour 7 Friends' Kingdoms to prepare everyone for Yvette's show.
Reward: 3250 coins, 65xp     

Quest Title: Shining Star
Collect 3 Rubies for Yvette's new dress.
Collect 5 Silver Ore to make Yvette's dress glamorous
Reward: 3250 coins, 65xp  

Quest Title: Fan Mail
Have 10 Parchment so Yvette can reply to her fan mail.
Have 10 Ink, this is gonna take a while...
Buy a lantern so Yvette can work through the night.
Reward: 3250 coins, 65xp, 1 topiary prince 

Quest Title: Big Trip
Change your Character's Outfit.
Have 2 Chocolate Bars to snack on while you explore for Yvette's Old Farm House.
Don't forget to feed the animals before you leave. Feed 2 Animals to Adulthood.

Quest Title: Homecoming
Explore to find Yvette's Old Farmhouse in the Gloom. The foundation is probably all that's left.
Have 6 Spyglasses to look for Yvette's Old Farmhouse.

Quest Title: Rebuilding
Buy 4 Rivers to replace the old dried up creek.
Clear all the roots in the yard.
Build Yvette's Old Farmhouse.

Quest Title: Housekeeping
Have 2 Wool Cloth to dust the house with.
Earn 25 Reputation Hearts.
Clear away 5 rocks, plants or trees.
Quest Title: Flower Arranging
Have 8 Regal Hoes to help with the clearing.
Tend the flowers near Yvette's old farmhouse.
Banish 5 Beasties, nasty creatures of the Gloom.

Quest Title: Lunch Time
Have 1 Pizza.
Have 1 Cloth Apron. Don't want Pizza sauce getting on your outfit!  
Put your Cooking to good use. Use one cooking item.

Quest Title: Fishing Trip
Fish in 10 Neighbors Kingdoms. Daddy would fish while I gathered mushrooms.
Clear 3 Mushrooms to look for clues.
Use 1 Fishing Bait from your Inventory.

Quest Title: Me Time
Help Yvette relax by Harvesting 10 Strawberries in your Kingdom.
Relax Yvette with some Bubbly Grog. She'll need 3.
Have 10 pails of water to make Yvette a yummy bath.

Quest Title: Afraid of the Dark
Have 2 Candles to light the way.
Have 1 Knife for Yvette to use as protection.
Have 10 Whetstones to get the knife nice and sharp.

Quest Title: The Golden Egg
Have 10 Parchment for Yvette's note.
Have a Bottle of Ink to write with.
Visit 10 different Neighbors' Kingdoms to leave copies of the note - just in case.

Note: The above quests are small mini quests in the beginning of the game!!

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