Friday, 18 November 2011

Castleville game

The game it self is like Cityville, Empires and Allies, or even farmVille. Every move you make requires energy so carefull on what you click and use your energy wise

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How to guide for Castleville, how to get things in Castleville and key elements in Castleville
  • Farm plots -  are farms that you will plant your crops and harvest, they are in your market under nature in a farm tab.When farm plots are placed near the river or water they will grow 5% faster
  • Castles - Castles are consumable items in Castleville, they can be obtains by building Maiden's Tower, rubble walls, building royal structures  or by finishing quests, castles are used for expansions
  • Crowns - are in game currency , you can purchase many things from your market. The crowns can be obtain by finishing quests
  • Reputation hearts - Reputation hearts are used to buy things in castleville, they can be obtained by visiting neighbors and helping them by feeding their animals or visit their buildings. Reputation hearts can buy you things from a market like, cloths, decor, consumables
    castleville game guide
    Welcome to Castleville
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