Thursday, 12 January 2012

Castleville Beastie Laboratory Upcoming Quests

Castleville Beastie Laboratory Upcoming Quests

castleville duke beastie laboratory quests
Quest Title: The Good Fight
Banish the 1 Gloom Rats in your Kingdom.
Visit 2 Neighbors to check and make sure they haven’t been overrun
Tend 3 buildings in your Neighbors’ Kingdoms.

Quest Title: Weird Science
Buy a Beastie Laboratory. You’re going to need it!
Construct the Beastie Laboratory. The quicker the better!
Gather materials and click on the foundation to complete it.

Quest Title: Here, Beastie Beasties
Collect 1 Gloom Rat Tails.
Craft 2 Rat Decoy to help keep Beasties off your grass!
Place 3 Rat Decoy far away from buildings and crops in your Kingdom.

Quest Title: Wolf’s Bane
Ask Friends for 1 Longbows to help banish Beasties
Craft 2 Silver Arrows, the bane of Gloom Wolves!
Use 3 Silver Arrows to Banish Gloom Wolves

Quest Title: Morphing Time
Collect 1 Thief’s Cloaks.
Craft 2 Thief Morphers. This should be interesting!
Use 3 Thief Morphers to turn Gloom Thieves into Chickens.

Quest Title: Clucked Up
Ask friends for 1 Chicken Feed.
Tend 2 Chickens in your Neighbors’ Kingdoms
Craft 3 Hard boiled Eggs with all the eggs you are now getting

Quest Title: Secret Ingredient
Ask Friends for 1 Philosopher’s Stones
Collect 2 Gloom Goblin Ears
Craft 3 Alchemist Powder – without blowing anything up

Quest Title: WMBD
Have 1 Alchemist Powder to make the Beastie Bomb.
Visit 2 Neighbors to warn them about the noise
Use the Beastie Bomb to Banish all the Beasties in your Kingdom.

Quest Title: All in the Mine
Collect from the Viking Mine 1 times.
Have 2 All Purpose Polish to shine the new rocks
Craft 3 Workbench for conducting experiments

Quest Title: Safety First
Collect 1 Pails of Water to put out potential fires
Collect 2 Stone Blocks to take cover behind.
Have 3 Cotton to stuff in your ears

Quest Title: Rune Away
Have t1 Fire Runes to test.
Chop trees 2 times to gather firewood.
Craft 3 Leather Apron in the Studio to protect against burns

Quest Title: Fallout
Visit 1 Neighbors to apologize for the surprise explosion.
Earn 2 Coins to help pay for the damage… or new underpants!
Place 3 Nature items to cover any scorch marks

Quest Title: Mine Crafting
Have 1 Whetstones to grind up the Fire Runes.
Craft 2 Boom Stick in the Workshop.
Use 3 Boom Stick to blow up a rock!

Quest Title: What a Blast
Tend Neighbors’ Chickens 1 times. That blast gave them quite a scare!<
Place 2 Rocks. We’re going to go through them faster now!
Sell 3 Iron Picks. Who needs ‘em now

Quest Title: Mine Sweep
Place 1 Wood Fences to secure the Viking Mine
Craft 2 Super Clobbers for banishing Beasties
Be ready to defend the Viking Mine… you never know what might show up!

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