Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Castleville George quest guide

Castleville Game George Quest Guides

Castle ville George was raised as a warrior and after years of fighting and eating almost nothing but meat, George grew to be one of the strongest men in his village. While plundering a nearby Kingdom, George was separated from the other vikings when a cloud of Gloom settled over the land and the quests have begun.

Castleville Game George Quest Guides
Marooned in a strange land, George was welcomed into a friendly village where he used his great strength as a miner and did a lot of quests, breaking and carrying massive rocks. George had never known a life in which people worked together in peace and helped one another, but he instantly liked it. From that day George exchanged his battle-axe for a pickaxe and vowed never fight again.
One day, Castleville game George got a bit carried away in his digging and inadvertently dug his way clear through and entire mountain! George found himself lost in the game Gloom on the other side. He then began blindly wandering the castleville Gloom, hoping to find a friendly Kingdom where he can again live in peace helping others on their quests.

Castleville Game George Quests

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