Friday, 20 January 2012

Castleville Game Hazel and Chinese New Year

Castleville Hazel and Chinese New Year

CastleVille Fans it is time to meet Hazel, an evil icy witch…..with a softer side:
Castleville Game Fan Page , Come and Join Us

Castleville Game Group, Need Help? Come and Join Us

castleville beware the frozen north

Complete Hazel’s Quest Line to not only unlock some new Expansions, but also a new Royal Building!

Castleville Game Release Notes:

New Features:
1) Introduced Hazel and her Event Quest Line.
2) Added Chinese New Year LE.
3) Added scrolling for Quest Icons to reduce clutter.

Castleville Game Improvements:
1) Gloom Rock is now available for purchase in the Market.
2) The Gift-a-Pult is now Storable.

castleville chinese items

Check out a quick preview of the items available in this week’s Castleville Game Market

castleville chinese new year market items

Castleville Quinn Quests

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