Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Castleville free energy January 17, 18

Free Energy , energy January 17
Castleville Energy is what you need to play the game the more energy you have the more clicks you can do in castleville game, sometimes the energy will work sometimes it wont.

Castleville Player:   so…my trick is i do NOT click the “fresh” links the day they are posted. If I do, I get the “whoa” thing. If i wait a day i pretty much can collect all the links. Another thing i noticed is that when it says I collected them, but they did not go into the bar, i go and use some energy, and then go back to collect and they start going into the bar again. This is what works for me.

Energy link contains 10 energy,
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Refresh your game to see if you got the energy.
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