Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Beeswax Free Rewards Gift Packs Links December 19-21

Beeswax Links Dec 19-21

Castleville Game Quests Beeswax Free Rewards Gift Packs Links December 19-21

castleville beeswax packs links
castleville beeswax packs links

Castleville game quests Beeswax links can be obtained by tending the various flowers throughout your Castleville kingdom. You can also request Beeswax from your Castleville neighbors to fulfill your quest needs. Beeswax is used in the Studio to craft candles which requires 7 cotton thread, 6 Beeswax and 5 reputations. It is also used in the glue recipe which needs 5 animal bone, 2 pails of water, 5 honey and 2 Beeswax. Rifting Scepters are the only other item crafted with Beeswax in your Castleville Studio and they will need 4 amber, 1 dragon tooth, 2 coal and 5 Beeswax to complete.  The limit on Beeswax in your inventory is 50. Beeswax can be sold for 5 coins.
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castleville beeswax links
beeswax links

Castleville links are good for 2 days.

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