Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Sugar Canes Free Rewards Gift Links December 5-7

Castleville Game Quests Sugar Canes Free Rewards Gift Links December 5-7

castleville sugar canes links
sugar canes links
Castleville Sugar Cane is a sweet treat harvested from crops grown in your Castleville kingdom. Sugar Cane takes 6 hours to ripen. Batter is made with 4 milk bottle, 2 egg, 2 Sugar Cane and 1 flour sack and is used as a basic staple in various recipes. Saucy Tarts are made with 1 butter, 3 egg, 1 Sugar cane and 1 apples slices and used often to bait the Giant Trap. Fresh Cococnut Sherbet, Moist Coffee Cake and Sweet Buns are also crafted with Sugar Cane as an added ingredient. You can request Sugar Cane from your Castleville neighbors as well as collecting from reward links shared on your Facebook news feed. Your Castleville inventory limit for Sugar Cane is 50.
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Castleville links are good for 2 days


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