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Castleville Rafaels Big Proposal Quests

Castleville Rafael's Big Proposal Quests

Castleville Rafael pops the question.
Castleville Rafael is ready for a change. His bachelor lifestyle is coming to an end. He's got a wonderful proposal idea set for Yvette - but he's lacking the perfect Diamond. Let's help him out so he can make his proposal to her perfect!

Castleville Rafaels Big Proposal Quests

Quest 1

Castleville Quests tasks

  • Fish 1 Time
  • Tend 1 Flower
  • Have 1 Diamond

castleville the perfect diamond

Castleville Quests rewards
  • 2000 Coins
  • 40 XP

The diamonds just don't sparkle like he wants. Alastair chimes in that he knows of the perfect jewel: the Love Diamond. The rarest of jewels. They can only be produced with the power of a Magic Torch. Alastair can summon the Magic Torch Shop to create them.

Quest 2

Castleville Quests tasks
  • Have 1 Power of Hearts
  • Place Magic Torch Shop
  • Have 3 Houses that can be affected by the Magic Torch of Romance

Place the Castleville Magic Torch Shop:

castleville magic torch shop

Castleville Quests rewards
  • 2500 Coins
  • 50 XP

Sonya gives Rafael a great idea - a romantic arbor for the perfect setting.

Quest 3

Castleville Game Quests tasks
  • Place Romantic Arbor Foundation
  • Collect 3 Down Feathers
  • Craft 1 Engagment Ring Band

Place the Romantic Arbor:

Items needed to craft Engagement Ring Band:

castleville engagement ring band

Castleville Game Quests rewards
  • 3250 Coins
  • 65 XP
  • 1 Proposal Bench

Rafael has had many loves in his life. He must now write them all a letter and let them know who his true love is.

Quest 4

Castleville Game Quests tasks
  • Have 6 Farewell Letters
  • Build the Romantic Arbor
  • Craft 1 Engraved Ring Band

Click 'Show Me' to see what items are needed to build the arbor:

castleville romantic arbor construction

Items needed to craft Engraved Ring Band:

Castleville Game Quests rewards
  • 2500 Coins
  • 50 XP
  • 2 Birds And Garlands

No proposal is complete without a banquet. We must prepare a Feast of Love.

Quest 5

Castleville Quests tasks
  • Craft 2 Roasted Chickens
  • Have 20 Love Diamonds
  • Visit 5 Neighbors

Items needed to craft Roasted Chicken:

castleville roasted chicken

Craft Magic Torches of Romance to place near houses to drop Love Diamonds:

Castleville Quests rewards
  • 4250 Coins
  • 85 XP

All we need to do now is complete the engagement ring and decorate the arbor. Then we'll be set!

Quest 6

Castleville Quests tasks
  • Craft 1 Engagement Ring
  • Upgrade the Romantic Arbor
  • Craft 2 Bottles of Champagne

Items needed to craft Engagment Ring:

Items needed to upgrade the Romantic Arbor:

Items needed to craft Bottles of Champagne:

Castleville Quests rewards
  • 4250 Coins
  • 85 XP
  • 1 Ring Display Box
  • 1 Noble Squirrel

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