Sunday, 30 December 2012

castleville stone blocks dec30 jan 1

Castleville Game Quests Stone Blocks Free Rewards Gift Links December 30 – January 1

castleville stone blocks links
stone blocks links

Castleville game quests stone blocks rewards gift links are used to build various buildings.

Buildings are very important in castleville game, but to build them you need stone blocks.
Stone blocks can be also crafted using stones and crafted in your workshop, but if you can get your hands on free stone blocks then why not take that to a full advantage.
Castleville free stone blocks can be found here on this page and also we have 2nd website and 3rd website that you can claim your castleville stone blocks.
Castleville game quests also accepts donations, if you feel you wish to help out, please use the PayPal button on a right hand side.
Castleville Info Tip 101:
If you get reward data missing, it means people clicking the links too fast, open 1-3 tabs only, when you get message successfully claimed, refresh that page till you get you have responded to that request, if you get reward data missing, refresh that page till it says successfully claimed and then refresh again, till it says you have responded to that request, and your reward be in your inventory. Tip 102: When collecting have your game closed when done collecting log back to your game.
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Let us know by commenting on the bottom of castlevillegamequests what other links, items, rewards you want us to make.
Each day there be something new and exiting, to be aware of our posts simply come by often or visit castleville fan site.
Don’t forget to visit our fan site brand new and exiting too
Castleville links are good for 2 days.

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