Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Castleville Energy Totem Guide

Castleville Game Energy Totem Guide


castleville game energy totem guide

Energy totem can be crafted in castleville workshop and it can be consumed for 3 energy that will go into your castle ville energy bar

castleville game craft energy totem

Castleville Totem can be a blessing or a sin, depends how you look at it, it takes 40 castleville stone blocks , 30 castleville gold bricks , castle ville iron pick and fairy dust. this is one task that will take a lot of time but if you have nothing to do, then why not let’s craft it in castleville work shop.
castleville game totem and other castle ville workshop items can be found in

Castleville game workshop crafting items resources


  1. Any limit of number of energy totem????

  2. not sure yet, of what is the limit but i do know this, its not worth to craft them in castleville


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