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Castleville Game Duke Alliances Quest Guide

Castleville Game Duke Alliances Quest Guide

castleville game alliances duke quest guide

Castleville Game new Quest and its Alliances Quest Guide
That villain, Faugrimm, is beefing up his forces by making some new alliances. Fight back by making some Alliances of your own with your Neighbors!
See the guide below for the quest guide and the 2nd post for the guide on Alliances.

Quest Title: An Ally In Me ( Alliances Quest 1 of 5 )
Gather 3 Honey (found by tending Flowers)
Visit the Duke's Kingdom
Perform 5 actions in the Duke's Kingdom
Reward: 500 Coins, 10 XP

Quest Title: Allies With Benefits ( Alliances Quest 2 of 5 )
Visit 2 Neighbors
Perform 10 Actions in your Neighbors' Kingdoms
Collect taxes from buildings in your Kingdom 5 times
Reward: 500 Coins, 10 XP

Quest Title: Halfway There ( Alliances Quest 3 of 5 )
Be at least halfway to an Alliance with one Neighbor besides the Duke (increase your Alliance score with each Neighbor by helping out in their Kingdoms)
Have 4 Longbows (found by clicking the Post to Friends button in the quest window or found on the Newsfeed)
Visit the Duke and perform 5 actions in his Kingdom
Reward: 750 Coins, 15 XP, 1 Small Energy Potion

Quest Title: Give and Take ( Alliances Quest 4 of 5 )
Earn Alliance points by harvesting 5 Crops in Neighbors' Kingdoms
Gain an Alliance with 1 of your Neighbors (gain an Alliance by helping out in a Neighbor's Kingdom until the Alliance meter above their name is complete. See the 2nd post for more information)
Buy and place your new Alliance Banner in your Kingdom (Unlocked by gaining an Alliance with 1 Neighbor. Unlock more rewards by creating new Alliances!)
Reward: 500 Coins, 10 XP

Quest Title: The Waiting Game ( Alliances Quest 5 of 5 )
Visit 1 Ally
Tend 5 Flowers in Neighbors' Kingdoms
Feed Animals 5 times in Neighbors' Kingdoms
Reward: 500 Coins, 10 XP

Castleville Game FAQ:

Q: In quest 4/5, Give and Take it says to place the Alliance Banner but it is still showing up as locked. Why is that?
A: Unlocking new items, such as the Alliance Banner, is as easy as creating new Alliances with your Neighbors. You will need to create an Alliance with 1 Neighbor in order to unlock this decoration. See the guide in the 2nd post for more details on gaining Alliances!

Q: I have several Allies but some of the items in the Market are locked. How do I tell how many Allies I need before I unlock them?
A: There are a couple of ways: one way is to hover the mouse over the item in the Market which will show you the Alliance icon with the number of Allies required to unlock that item. Another way is to click on the Alliance meter in any Neighbor's Kingdom. This will show your current number of Allies, some of the upcoming rewards, and the amount of Alliances needed to unlock them.

Q: How does the Alliance meter increase?
A: By performing regular actions in your Neighbors' Kingdoms, such as tending buildings, animals and flowers etc, you will gain Alliance points. Alliance points drop like coins and Reputation and are added to the Alliance score at that Neighbor's Kingdom. Click on the Alliance meter at the top right of your screen in a Neighbor's Kingdom to see more information.

Castleville game alliances meter guide

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