Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Castleville Game Valentine Shop

Castleville Game Valentine Shop

It is now that time of year and love is in the air. It is time to spread the love to your castleville kingdom players

castleville valentine shop
Check out the Release Notes for this Release:

New Features:
1) Introduced the Valentine's Day Event Quests and the Valentine's Shop.
2) Added ability to dress the characters on your gameboard.
3) Introduced Valentine's Day Limited Edition Items.
4) Added Sugar Cane as a new Crop

1) Hyper Crafts are now craftable in the Workshop, had several recipe requirements reduced, and now reduces the timer by an hour.
2) Animal Feed Crafting Timer reduced to 2 Hours and now reduces timer by an hour
3) Fertilizer now requires 2 Eggs and takes 2 Hours to Craft. Also reduces Timer by an hour
4) Reduced Alchemist Powder Adjustments for several Crafting Recipes

Bug Fixes:
1) Witch's outfit now fits on Buxon Avatars
2) Fixed issue where players sometimes see a different name than the Neighbor Helping them.
3) Numerous other miscellaneous Bugs and text errors.

Check out a Preview of the Valentine's LE below:
castleville duke spread the love quest

castleville game valentine market item duke questcastleville valentine market items

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