Friday, 3 February 2012

Castleville Valentine Spirit Meter

Castleville Valentine Spirit Meter

In castleville game now is your chance to show your subjects how much you like them. Each time you create gifts in the Valentine Shop, you can increase the Valentine Spirit of your castleville character. Once you have created enough gifts for each Subject, you’ll get a special prize and your Subject will get some awesome new clothes as well, take a look at castleville pictures below to get started. This Castleville valentine meter with valentine quest is limited time.
Castleville yvette valentine spirit meter
castleville yvette valentine spirit meter

Castleville valentine spirit meter will be full when you craft gifts from your valentine shop.
When you done with castleville Yvette you will go on to the next castleville character, and when you fill his valentines spirit meter you will go on the next one and each time, you will fill the valentine meter you will get great rewrds. Below is a picture of castleville characters and the gifts.
castleville valentine spirit meter
Castleville valentine horse gift is the last one by the looks of it and i know all castleville players want one.

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