Friday, 24 February 2012

Castleville Royal Fountain

Castleville Game royal Fountain

The Castleville Game Royal Fountain is a Royal Building that is available to those who have 5 Allies or above, providing 270 castle. It has the ability to be leveled up to Level 10, at which it provides an additional 270 castle. The Royal Fountain requires 6 friends to be recruited for tending duty to complete. check more of royal buildings here

Castleville Royal Buildings

The full table of levels guide can be seen below.

castleville game royal fountain

Castleville Royal Building material requirements Guide

7 Stone Blocks
5 Gold Bricks
10 Pails of Water
2 Iron Picks

Requirement: 5 Allies
Price: 35.000 Coins
Crew Members: 6
Initial Castle: 270
Produces: 2800 Gold
Countdown: 24 Hours

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