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Castleville Game Martha Spring Spirit Parties Quests Guide

Castleville Game Martha Spring Spirit Parties Quests Guide

Castleville Martha Stewart has arrived with some neat ideas to spruce up your Kingdom and help entertain your visiting Neighbors. With special new items to craft and new rewards unlocked each time you complete a level of the Spring Spirit Bar, your Kingdom will be ready for Spring in no time!

By crafting recipes in the Spring Gazebo, you'll unlock fabulous new item sets to be crafted in the Pavilion, and a special prize! (Crafting some Pavilion items unlock other Pavilion items as well, such as the Rocking Chair and Gilded Egg.) Complete each Spirit Bar to unlock new sets of recipes in the Pavilion and Gazebo, a new type of Party, and a special reward.

Here we've crafted enough Gazebo recipes to complete the first Spirit Bar and have earned a Pergola as a special prize, the Spring Picnic Party and 3 other items all crafted in the Pavilion.
castleville game martha spirit quests guide

Castleville Spirit Bar Levels

Each time you craft enough Gazebo recipes to complete the Spirit Bar, you'll get a new Party which gives greater prizes when your Neighbors visit your Kingdom.

Castleville Game Parties & Spirit Bars

At the bottom of your game you'll see the Spirit Bar for each level. Fill up this bar to unlock the Party shown on the right of the Bar. Each item in the Gazebo increases the Bar by a certain amount of Spirit points, some higher than others. Listed below is each Spirit Bar and the required number of points needed to complete it.

Castleville Spring Picnic Spirit Bar - Spirit Points Required for Completion: 5

castleville game martha stewart spirit

Castleville Spring Brunch Spirit Bar - Spirit Points Required for Completion: 20

castleville martha spirit guide

Castleville Spring Feast Spirit Bar - Spirit Points Required for Completion: 50

castleville game quests martha spirit bar

Each party gives a Basket which drops Eggs used for crafting cool Prizes!

castleville game martha stewart spirit bar

Some of the many Prizes that can be crafted!

Eggs for Crafting

In order to craft many of the special items in the Pavilion, you'll need to hunt for some Easter Eggs. These can be found, by visiting Neighbors who are throwing Parties of their own, getting Neighbors to visit your Kingdom while you're throwing a Party, using Baskets from your Inventory that you earned at the end of a Party, and more! See below for specific information about each Easter Egg.

Dipped Easter Egg - Found by hosting or attending a Spring Party

Marbleized Easter Egg - Found by hosting or attending a Spring Party

Masked Easter Egg - Attend a Spring Party or craft in the Pavilion (carry out actions in the Neighbor throwing the party's Kingdom for a chance to find)


In order to start a Party, you'll need to unlock it by crafting items in the Gazebo. Once you unlock it by completing the Spirit Bar for that Party, you can begin crafting the Party in the Party Pavilion (the first Spring Party is unlocked after completing quest 3 . Once collected and placed in your Kingdom, you can post an announcement letting your Neighbors know that you're hosting a Party. Each time you get a visit, the party meter will increase and give you a chance at earning the Huge Basket. Once you reach 20 Neighbors, or the given time for that Party, you'll be able to collect your rewards!

Clicking on your active Party will display your current progress.
castleville martha stewart easter quests guide

Castleville Game FAQ Guide

Q: Where did my previous Party go? I can't find it in the Pavilion.
A: Each time you complete a Spirit Bar and unlock a new Party, the old recipe is upgraded so-to-speak, which gives better prizes than the one before. Keep crafting items in the Gazebo to unlock the Spring Feast Party which gives the largest amount of eggs of them all!

Q: My Party finished and I collected the Basket, but where did it go?
A: The Baskets are stored under the Consumables section of your Inventory.

Q: I clicked on some of the Prizes but didn't get anything, why not?
A: Once you click to open up the Prize it will be added to the appropriate place of your Inventory, or Customize Avatar window for clothes etc. On items that have been opened already, such as the King's Cake, these Prizes will drop next to your avatar once clicked.

Q: My Party Starter Disappeared before the 2 days expired, why is that?
A: The Party Starter gives you 2 days to get 20 Neighbor Visits in your Kingdom to collect the grand prize, the Huge Cake. If 20 of your Neighbors visit you before that time limit, you can collect your prize immediately by clicking on the Party Starter.

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