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Castleville Game Unreleased Mia stolen buns Quest Guide

Castleville Game Unreleased Mia stolen buns Quest Guide

castleville game quests hot buns

Castleville Game Zynga never had so many new ideas. Castleville game quest line with 5 missions is about some stolen pastries, sweet buns.
Prepare yourself, also, for many more upcoming quests.
Since the castleville quests are still unpublished, it is not possible to give precise figures, the sequence of castle vile tasks may also differ slightly!

Quest Title: Sunday Detective ( Stolen Buns Quest 1 of 5 )
Prepare x buns to replace those that were stolen (Craft x Buns)
Take Care for x flowers for clues
Taxing houses of your kingdom to interview your subjects

Quest Title: Corruption in the duty? ( Stolen Buns Quest 2 of 5 )
Visit to the Duke to look for clues
Ask for magnifying glass
Fish to discover incriminating evidence

Quest Title: In innocent hands ( Stolen Buns Quest 3 of 5 )
Prepare a cupcake to coax the cows (Craft cupcake)
Harvest of wheat grains and given to cows
Feed the cows to soothe and look for clues in peace.

Quest Title: Exhibit ( Stolen Buns Quest 4 of 5 )
Save the dessert missed by Raphael – Prepare buns
Retrieve love letters to prove the innocence of Raphael (ask for love letters)
Collect bags of flour to replace the bags used by Raphael

Quest Title: Out of sight ( Stolen Buns Quest 5 of 5 )
Craft items in your kitchen to bring the gloom thief dark
Deal with kitchens in the neighboring kingdoms to protect the gloom thief
Ban the gloom thief

castleville game quests hot buns guide

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