Thursday, 8 March 2012

Castleville Game Ulrich quests Guide Improvements News

Castleville Ulrich quests Guide Improvements News

Castleville Ulrich has arrived and is here to make sure your Forging skills are top-notch! Work with Castle ville Ulrich and soon your will Master your Workshop!
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Here are the Release Notes for today’s Release:
New Additions:
1) Introduced Castleville Ulrich and the Castle ville Workshop Mastery Quest Guide Line
2) Added an additional Quest Line for Castleville Mia
3) New St. Patrick’s Day LE is in the Market.
1) Added several UI Castleville Rollover improvements.
Bug Fixes:
1) Placing Geysers no longer causes an OS.
2) Having a Castleville Super Chop enabled will not block you from chopping Neighbor’s Trees.
3) Castleville Game Gloom Rat Potions spawn Rats without error.
Check out the new St. Patrick’s Day Limited Edition Items below:
castleville game quests ulrich st patrick market items

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