Thursday, 8 March 2012

Castleville Game Quests Giveaway Contest Reminder

Castleville Game Quests Giveaway Contest Reminder.

To enter the castleville game quests contest simply click become a member and follow the instructions, tweet, comment, share like, you are allowed 5 actions per day, that means, 1 visit, 1 tweet, 1 comment and so on, once per 24 hours, where you see a little red ribbon beside the tweet or goggle+ that’s where you gain points.

Castleville game quests winner will get 25$ Zynga game card. We all know you love castleville and we want you to enjoy it more with our giveaways.

Castleville Game quests contest will run for 2 weeks, the castleville players with more tweets, likes, comments and referring will be chosen at random. Castleville game quests giveaway is aimed at helping you succeeded in your game.

To get even more help in your game we urge castleville game players to join our group where a lot of players help new players to achieve their goals.

Our Past winner of castleville game quest giveaway was Andrew and we congratulate you on winning our 25$ Zynga game card prize. The past contest was a very big success that we will be holding the contests more often.

Good Luck.

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