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Castleville Alastair Inspiring Unicorns Quest Guides

Castleville Alastair Inspiring Unicorns Quest Guides

Castleville Game Inspiring Unicorns Quests Guide
Inspiring Unicorns Quests
Need a little inspiration in your life? Well, so do the new unicorns coming to your castleville game kingdom!
Ask your friends for help with inspiring them in the area of your choice and gain some rewards of your own along the way.
Let’s get started!
Starting out, castleville Rafael informs you that he’s found something in the Gloom. castleville Alastair wants to check it out.
Game Quests Title: Mysterious Tower ( Inspiring Unicorns Quests 1 of 7 )
Place the Beacon of Arcadia
Game Quests Rewards: 1000 Coins, 20 XP
Castleville Game Alastair states that this may be a famous magical artifact left behind by the Architects.
Rafael wants to know who they were. Mages – before our time.
The first people to ever defeat the Gloom! Alastair is sure this artifact is the Beacon of Arcadia.
It was built to raise Unicorns. Yvette chimes in, happy to hear unicorns! So now it’s time to start raising a new Unicorn via the Beacon.
Game Quests Title: Young Unicorns ( Inspiring Unicorns Quests 2 of 7 )
Start raising a new Unicorn by using the Beacon of Arcadia
Choose a destiny for your new Unicorn
Craft 1 Creative Juice
Click the Beacon to continue on your journey. The following dialog will appear:
Clicking “Start” will bring you to the below stop. Time to choose your unicorn’s destiny!
Destiny ——————— Inspiration Types Possible
Expression —————– Unicorn of Melody, Verse or Dance
Discovery ——————- Cosmic Unicorn, Unicorn of Aqua or Unicorn of Magma
Kinship ———————- Unicorn of Friendship, Love or Fellowship
Once you’ve chosen, place your horse in your Kingdom.
You will then be prompted to ask your friends for partnership in raising the Unicorn. Once they accept your request, they will receive a young unicorn of the same type you chose. These two unicorns are now linked. As you or your friend feed their unicorn they will both grow. Once placed, both you and your friend will see a linked tool tip above your (and their) Unicorn to show they are bound together. You will be notified of when your friend feeds their unicorn (and vice versa.) If you accept this, your friend’s avatar will appear feeding his Unicorn and will disappear. Both unicorns will then be the same fed size. The more you feed your Unicorn the more powerful it becomes and the greater the rewards when it finishes growing, 7 days from its birthday.
PLEASE NOTE: You can have 10 Unicorns that you start active at one time and be helping out with 15 at one time. The Maximum Unicorns you can have total is 70.
To craft a creative juice to feed your unicorn, enter the kitchen. Below are all the items needed to create one. You’re going to need lots of these!
Game Quests Rewards: 1000 Coins, 20 XP
Castleville Game Alistair provides you a bit more information on unicorns.
They require quite a lot of care (which is where your friends helping you out comes into play!)
Yvette really wants to help with raising the unicorns.
Here, you will have a new questline appear – Yvette wants to help feed the unicorns (more info on this quest line in the post below.)
Alistair also informs you that Unicorns are born as twins! They must be kept separate while raising them, so one will have to go to a neighboring Kingdom.
Yvette is pretty sad about that. Alistair reminds her that they remain magically bonded.
If you nourish one, they both grow. They need lots and lots of nourishment, so time to help them grow (this explains why your unicorn had a double that went to stay with your friend!)
Game Quests Title: Creativity On The Rise ( Inspiring Unicorns Quests 3 of 7 )
Inspire Unicorns With 5 Creative Juices
Gather 3 Tomes of Lore (Found by clicking the Post to Friends button in the quest window or found on the Newsfeed.)
Have 1 Medium Unicorn
Time to make some more creative juices (5 more.)
Hovering over your unicorn, you will see that you have seven days to inspire your unicorn. Your friends have the same time limit, so help them out and ask them to return the favor!
After the seven days, you will be able to unleash the inspiration you’ve helped them build up (the higher the inspiration, the greater the rewards!)
To have 1 Medium Unicorn in your kingdom, you will be required to give them 5 creative juices You must click “Inspire Unicorn” to feed your unicorn each of these juices.
Game Quests Rewards: 1500 Coins, 30 XP
Faugrimm appears. Of course, he has a thing or two to say about Unicorns (he’s not very fond of them.) He brought some Gloom Goblins with him to attack the Unicorns! Time to protect them from harm so they can continue to grow.
Game Quests Title: Equine Protection Clause ( Inspiring Unicorns Quests 4 of 7 )
Craft 7 Creative Juices For Your Unicorn
Banish 2 Goblins
Have 1 Large Unicorn
We need more creative juices (7 more.)
Make sure to get rid of those Goblins too.
Time for your unicorn to reach Large Unicorn status. He/she will need 13 more creative juices to do so.
Game Quests Rewards: 1500 Coins, 30 XP
Alistair is unsure on exactly why Unicorns require a twin. He’s also not sure what will happen when they hit adulthood.
While he researches more on them, you need to feed and tend to your unicorn some more.
Game Quests Title: Proper Unicorn care ( Inspiring Unicorns Quests 5 of 7 )
Have 8 Magic Beans
Craft 1 Horseshoe
Gather 3 Rainbow Feathers From Adult Peacocks
To craft 1 Horseshoe for your unicorn, visit the workshop.
Game Quests Rewards: 1000 Coins, 20 XP
While you were tending to your Unicorn, Alistair figured out how the Unicorns were used to fight the Gloom.
They fought with their twin, connected by a magical link. The more unicorns, the more links.
The mystic net created by these links forms joy and happiness, which deflects the Gloom.
Game Quests Title: Uni-herd ( Inspiring Unicorns Quests 6 of 7 )
Have 6 Enchanted Ink
Craft 9 More Creative Juices
Have 1 Unicorn at Epic Level or Better
Along with the enchanted ink that you requested from friends, even more creative juices are needed (9 more.)
So far, your unicorn has reached both medium and large. Now it’s time for the biggest level yet – epic!
You will need even more creative juices to obtain this level (22 more.)
Please note that you’re still on a timer of 7 days max to reach this level.
Game Quests Rewards: 1500 Coins, 30 XP
Alistair wants you to know that not all Unicorns mature the same. Those who receive the best care will have the best transformation. The most evolved Unicorns will provide the most protection against the Gloom.
Game Quests Title: Measuring Up ( Inspiring Unicorns Quests 7 of 7 )
Craft 5 Creative Juices
Have 5 Unicorns Unleash Their Inspiration (Unicorns are ready to unleash inspiration 7 days after they have entered your Kingdom.)
Tend A Fully Inspired Unicorn 5 Times
Time for some more creative juices (you can never have too many.)
To have your unicorns unleash their inspiration, you must wait until the 7 days have lapsed. After a Unicorn has been in your Kingdom for 7 days, it is ready to unleash its accumulated inspiration. You will be notified that it is ready both above the Unicorn and via the Beacon. Once you click to unleash its inspiration you will collect your rewards, get your final unicorn (which will be worth castle points) and some extra rewards (these will depend on how much you fed them.) You will need to do this with five different Unicorns in order to complete this requirement of the quest.
Game Quests Rewards: 1000 Coins, 20 XP
The Architects believe that by having all different types of Unicorns in one place, the land was safest against the Gloom.
Continue to raise and share Unicorn twins with all of your neighbors!

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