Thursday, 11 April 2013

Castleville Crystal Shard Links April 11-12

Castleville Rewards Crystal Shard Links April 11-12

Castleville Game Quests Crystal Shards Cheats Rewards Gift Links

Castleville Game Crystal Gem Shards rewards gift are a must in all Castleville kingdoms. These little beauties are the key to opening up new areas in your Castleville kingdom. Crystal Shards are used to craft Exploration Crystals.
Castleville Crystal Gem Shard Links
Castleville Crystal Gem Shard Links
It takes 3 crystal shards to make 1 exploration crystal. Crystal Shards are often found in your Facebook news feed when a Castleville neighbor opens up a new area and shares the reward link. Crystal Shards can be collected in many different ways. Killing the Beasties invading your Castleville kingdom, asking neighbors for a helping hand and opening dragon totems, backpacks and treasure chest for the rewards inside, to name a few. Crystal Shards can not be bought in the market. You can not advance in the game without them. The inventory limit on these precious gems is 50, however, the limit on exploration crystals is 99.  Collecting Crystal Shards and crafting them into exploration crystals to fill your Castleville inventory will better prepare for your advancement in the game
Castleville game free crystal gem shards Links hack guide quests rewards and castleville free alchemist powder cheats, crystal shards cheat hack guide and other great goodies in castleville are great to acquire, and when you are luck you can get a lot.
Also remember to random click and when you click one link and you don’t get it wait 18 hours before clicking again, and when a page is empty refresh it and we know, that these free goodies go inside your inventory, and we really hope you get all you can.
Castleville Info Tip 101:
If you get reward data missing, it means people clicking the links too fast, open 1-3 tabs only, when you get message successfully claimed, refresh that page till you get you have responded to that request, if you get reward data missing, refresh that page till it says successfully claimed and then refresh again, till it says you have responded to that request, and your reward be in your inventory. Tip 102: When collecting have your game closed when done collecting log back to your game.
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Castleville players please share our free rewards gift links with your castleville friends and neighbors, castlevillegamequests makes so many links that a lot of them go expire and are not claimed.
Castleville Crystal shards known as gem shards links are good for 2 days.

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