Thursday, 11 April 2013

Castleville Red Feather Links April 11-12

Castleville Rewards Red Feather Links April 11-12

Castleville Game Quests Red Feather Free Cheats Rewards Gift Links

The Castleville Red Feather can be obtained by feeding adult peacocks in your Castleville kingdom or requesting them from your Castleville neighbors.
Castleville Red Feather Links
Castleville Red Feather Links
The Red Feather can also be found in links posted on your Facebook news feed. The Red Feather is used in crafting the Dye Kit, Fireproof Chew Toy and Silk Flowers. The Dye Kit and Fireproof Chew Toy both require 10 Red Feather each to craft, while the Silk Flowers only require 3 Red Feather. All can be crafted in your Castleville studio. The limit on Red Feather allowed in your inventory is 50. Need a little tickle?
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Castleville links are good for 2 days.
Castleville players and free link collectors, please share our free gift links with your neighbors and friends, we make so many links that many of them go expire before they are claimed, there is plenty free rewards for everyone.

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