Thursday, 18 April 2013

Castleville Alastair Quest Guides

Castleville Alastair Quest Guides

Castleville Game Alastair Quests

Castleville Alastair quests are shown below. Castleville Alastair is the third Zynga character to join your Castleville Kingdom. This castleville game wizard is lost in the Gloom and you must rescue him. He will bring you many quests and adventures.

Castleville Alastair Quest Guides

The Search for Alastair

The Great Hall

The Gloom Lord

Saving Lamont

The Architects

Abandoned Dragon Cave

Trial By Magic

Book of Sinister Schemes

No Place Like Throne

Inspiring Unicorns

Pondsy Schemes


Magic Torches

Plight of the Pegasus

Housing Quarters

Naughty Gnomes

Trial by Magic ( re-released new version )

The Power of Alchemy



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